The Resurgence of Style Pin-Up Girl: Blood Vintage Fashion

Pin – up girl’ style (particularly the Decade of 40-50) is the creative mainstay of many Latin American author brands. But their influence is starting to be more massive and, due to the incorporation in the Department stores of collections inspired by this look. A few weeks ago, New York Times noticed this and described the aesthetic and social scope of this phenomenon, which already stepped on Latin lands.

Pin-up girl style / vintage in the United States

As he told the New York Times, recently – very influenced by Mad Men- flowered a number of brands and stores, which are not only offering clothes inspired by this model of woman have – particularly in the Decade of the 40s and 50s–, but also they have specialised in copying the general look of the time and/or commercialize the original clothes. Thus, complementary accessories, makeup and hairstyling services have been created to achieve the “total look vintage or retro” (another way to describe it).

Even though 15 years ago, who began this type of business, looked them as “aliens”, now are ell@s that laugh at the end, with an increase in earnings of 25 to 35% in the past four years. In addition, have captivated an increasingly larger niche, which is able to point, which When you dress that way, men are more gentlemen and gallant, than when do them jeans and t-shirt (oooh!).
This is because – according to the lovers of this style -, that this type of clothing exploited femininity, highlighting the silhouette of the woman, making it see elegant and distinguished, as well as sexy and seductive, without having to show the knee, or neck.

One of the epicenters of this resurgence of pin-up girl is Etsy, which accommodates the emerging proposals in love of vintage fashion. Now with respect to this type of clothing prices, the article mentioned, ranging from $150 to $300 USD ($71,000 to the $142,000) depending on its quality and factory.

Latin American author brands who exploit retro style

In Chile, one of the brands that have more vocation by the “pin-up girl” is Daniela Bozza (main picture) and in Argentina Las Oreiro .

However, in Latin America, there are many author proposals, which have not been able to resist the temptation of the 40, 50 and 60, and have realized you in Collections. We review the most prominent cases: