The Perfect Bikini Operation

These days are many who are looking for the perfect Bikini Operation that makes them look like a heart attack in a couple of weeks, but… how is the perfect Bikini Operation?

The Operation Bikini is not something that just should do a couple of weeks or a couple of months to try to look good guy in summer, the true Operation Bikini has to become a lifestyle, so the best Operation Bikini you can do Is the one that includes a training plan and some dietary guidelines that you are able to follow.

You can do the best workout routine in the world, but if you do it for two weeks and you do not continue with them, it will not do any good, and with the food is much worse, many think Operation Bikini is”starving yourself” for a month or Follow a crazy diet in which carbohydrates are removed or fat is not included, but they are very wrong, in a couple of weeks since they leave they will not only be fatter than before they start, it can also Pass bill to your health, the true Bikini Operation is the one that is introducing healthy changes in your food.

What are the requirements for Operation Perfect Bikini?

In my view to make Operation Bikini work and turn it into a lifestyle has to meet 3 requirements:

Make you feel happy, if you enjoy what you do, you will not leave.

That it is healthy, above all is health, why do we want to be thin if we are not healthy?

That results, do not fool ourselves, the ultimate goal is to like ourselves more, see us in the mirror and that we like what is reflected will not only give us more confidence, it will also give us more strength to continue with our purpose.

Having clear these 3 requirements that has to comply our Operation Bikini will be many different ways to achieve our objectives.

I have my own method, I walk, I do Insanity, I climb all the stairs that I can and every time I take care of my food and I introduce more fruits and vegetables, and of course to me this method is working for me, but you do not have to do it necessarily Same that I doto have your own results because you and I are different, maybe I love sweating the shirt doingInsanity and you enjoy more with a Yoga session to get in shape, no matter what you do, what matters is that Set your own plan in motion and keep it in time.

I tell you a secret? Any plan you follow that includes exercise and a healthier diet will have positive effects on your body, but to know if what you’re doing really works you’re going to have to measure the results.

Measure the results of your Bikini Operation

They say that everything that can be measured can be improved, why would your body be an exception?

I recommend that you take your body measurements every 2 weeks, so get a tape measure and measure the contours of your body, chest, waist, hips, thighs and biceps. You may prefer totake photos of the front, back and profile to see how your body is changing, no matter what you do, but find a way to measure your results.

To see if what you’re doing really works, you’re going to have to ask the following questions: Do I feel better? Do I look better? Am I happy with what I’m doing? If the answer to any of these questions is negative you will have to make small changes in your Bikini Operation and after a couple of weeks re-evaluate your progress.

Now that you know the keys to Operation Perfect Bikini you have no excuse, get down to work!