The Other Side of The Evil Drink from Samsung: Apple Shares Rise to Beat Records in 2016

Everyone is talking about it: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead. And with that our colleagues are doing topic coverage, we prefer to focus on Apple. But something Apple happens and so we’re mentioning this setback of Samsung? Yes: their actions have reached the highest values so far of the year.

Specifically, it has come to pay for action the amount of 116,73 dollars, and while I am writing these lines the price It has been $116,05. Not seen something so since December, 2015, when the actions of Apple came to cost 122,57 dollars.

This Samsung has led to it exclusively?

Probably not. That your main competitor suffers an error of this caliber makes you recover some confidence in the markets, that there is no doubt (and more) when it is estimated that Samsung could lose up to 17000 million dollars. But an improvement in forecasts of 7 iPhone also you can have encouraged this increase of 20% after several months in which Apple shares remained stable.

Nor would be rare that for these same reasons companies like Google also benefited are: remember that Google is at time of release with their new terminals Pixel. It is simple: When one of the opponents falls the rest takes advantage of the situation. And at the moment for Apple that translates into greater commercial value and best estimates of sales for your iPhone.