The Only True Mascara

… was not invented unfortunately still!

One stops and it won’t go off. The next goes off well again – unfortunately already throughout the day while wearing. You can not only see others or spider legs are nothing against the adhesive lashes that are fabricated so that.

For me, only there is a mascara, the criterion “keeps so long until I go to sleep” meets: the virtuoso of Lancôme.

She keeps from morning till night, and when the day is so long, until late into the night. Even tears and sport survives it perfectly, dabs off below the eyelashes and does not rub.

Their only disadvantage

… except for the price (about EUR 29,-) is that it is veeery bad down comes with me. Them with make-up Remover or (warm) water to leave according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The only makeup remover, which more or less successfully approaches her to tackle, is EUR 29,-for more about bi-Facil from Lancome. Although actually for waterproof makeup, which is goes as well for this purpose. All other makeup remover I’ve tried, do not work with this mascara. Then more cream helps. With warm water, which quite hot must feel on the pad or rag to work while dissolves most of the black color of the lashes, but unfortunately is distributed in the whole eye area on the skin and is there only very hard to remove. Panda bear says Hello!

My result

When waterproof mascara is coming from best-medical-schools, the most important thing that

  • keeps brösel – and smudge free
  • keep the lashes beautiful in form (here is the swing without Eyelash curler from alone with it)
  • separates the lashes well
  • and not irritating to the eyes.

Because she fulfilled all, I bite the bullet of the heavy removal, exclusive purchase price and high-priced remover.

What mascara do you like?