The Nexus Player Continues to Advance in Europe, and Is Now Available in Germany and France

If once the Google Chromecast became to pray to our country, the next step for the company in the search engine to conquer our televisions with Android TV is also sin the same, and six months after its official launch still not we’ve been able to put hands on in Spain the new Nexus Player.

But step by step the device it seems that starts to get closer to our borders, because if less than a month ago I had how arrived for the first time in European soil being on sale in the United Kingdom, Nexus Player is even closer to having it put on sale now in the Google Store German and French versions.

Gave notice a few hours ago Android Police, echoing the appearance of these two countries in the availability of devices Google page. But as we write these lines have seen via VPN device It already is on sale in those countries.

Its price in France and Germany is 99 euros, cheaper than it costs about 10 euros to change more in United Kingdom, but if we want to get all the possibilities out as Android console also we have to add the other 49 euros that would cost the gamepad.

Do you mean this approach that we can soon buy our Nexus Player in Spain? Everything seems to indicate that it will be, and at the risk of get carried away by the euphoria, I dare to say that if we continue with this rhythm to the best we can do ourselves with one even before summer. Even regardless of who finally so or not, in Xataka Android we will keep you abreast.