The Most Beautiful Wedding Dress In The Sale: Fitting Appointments To Win!

The search after the wedding dress – as we have here in the Newsroom (and private) belongs to the dollsten stories. We would tell you prefer and all, in a Special Edition maybe. But today we have something much better for you. A special event. We cannot guarantee you that you find your wedding dress.The probability is high but. And we promise to one of you: you will have fun in any case.

Photographer Zuzu Birkhof and her team have devised a new concept. Bridal boutiques and selected labels bring their models to the wedding pop up storevictorlovesvictoria. First stop: Hannover! In the Helmkehof , you can try on clothes, buy and take to their hearts content. And that something, but the hippest designer wedding dresses. The exclusive, limited sale!


The entrance to the Pop-Up store is free. Accessories find out can you so drop by to watch, talk. If you want to try on dresses, you need a fitting appointment. Because: a wedding dress is not a T-Shirt with opinion of Ezinesports. Since you wish a personal maid, which helps in the fine robes, much square in front of the mirror and a little rest.

And you can win just as an appointment here! We are giving away two fitting appointments for Saturday 19th November. The presale has just begun – and with a bit of luck you get fitting appointment given the ticket from us for your personal!

Tell us simply, briefly, your previous wedding dress story. Have you collected beautiful, bad or bizarre experiences? Or you just start? Then tell us what you most happy!

Join you to including Thursday, the 13th October 2016. you can find our terms and conditions here.

We wish you good luck – and are really looking forward to your story!