The Leggings! How to Use Them Properly?

He believed that already after long use leggings finally all women know how to take them in the most appropriate manner, but no, unfortunately there are more and more women who still do not know how to use them. I never thought to make a post regarding how to use a garment that I think is very easy to combine and which almost to say that we all have in the closet; but by speaking with friends and watching women with this garment from a not properly made me think that it is still necessary to show what and how this garment, as well as inspire me in a publication on MimosaTv Facebook recently saying, should be ‘If PIP has 15 cakes and eaten 13, why use leggings?’ and all sorts of comments were generated as a result of this image with this phrase some agree and others claiming that nugget had the right to wear what they want; and Yes, everyone has the right to use whatever we want and as we want, but there’s something very true, and it is that each of us can improve the image not by what they say others if not by our it self-esteem as to feeling beautiful and safe will help us in all areas of our life.

Read this sentence I left thinking, leggings are only for slim women with slender bodies? And my answer was a no, leggings into a thin woman and so is the top model will not use a not properly. REMEMBER, THE NO LEGGINGS ARE PANTS.The best way to wear this garment is using her upper garments that give more down the hip and if you’re thick texture with more reason! Leggings are not prohibited for large women, and much less are only for the flaquitas, these can be used for any type of body the only thing that must be taken into account is the material, because leggings of a thin fabric can be used for an average woman skinny or thin and thick cloth for thin women but with very wide hips and women in thick texture; There are even some extremely thick fabric that helps to hold the loose skin and can’t see the cellulite or others.

The only rules that you should keep in mind when using them are:

Buy leggings, thick or thin, depending on your build.

Use long upper garments, giving below the hip.

That better example than Lu of a fashion for plus size blogger, his style is spectacular and achieves amazing outfits that we never dared that I recommend as well non-size follow and learn from his style. So many look that I loved in which usa properly leggings chose these two that are for my perfect, spotless and very chic. Really who this woman is beautiful!

So in conclusion, everyone can wear whatever we want and as we want, but there is always a way of seeing us better, but above all of you feel better, the solution is not to let the FAT to use leggings, as I have heard many times saying it in a derogatory way, the solution lies in learning how to dress, and I say this also to the flaquitas thin, wide, voluptuous in the end for all women!