The Google Pixel 2 Could Arrive Sooner Than You Think

The Google Pixel, which we could analyze in depth at the time, is a terminal that has left a bittersweet feeling.

According to computerannals, the first phone developed by the search engine company is the best smartphone on the market, whose success has been hindered by the company itself and the problems of production and distribution that the device has brought with it from the moment of its presentation.

Perhaps that is why Google is looking forward to turning the page and make known the new Pixel 2 as soon as possible. In fact, as we are told from SlashGear, the launch of the new terminal of the big G could be earlier than expected.

Google Is Already Testing The New Google Pixel 2

We have already known some detail about the new generation of Pixel smartphones. According to information received so far, Google would be involved in the development of 3 different devices: a second-generation Google Pixel and Pixel XL-Muskie and Walleye according to their codenames-, and anew large terminal under the name in Key Taimen .

Now, as would have been discovered on the official website of AOSP (Open Source Source Project), some Google engineers already have the model with the name Walleye, with the final hardware that will carry the device.

In addition to having confirmed the existence of the terminal, thanks to the code provided in one of thecommits of the AOSP page, it would have been confirmed again that the processor that will give life to the terminal is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

Taking into account that it is still 5 months before the Google Pixel is one year old, that the company already has in its possession the final hardware of this second generation of phones could mean that the company wants to use the time to the maximum in order to avoid The problems suffered in the first edition, or that Google plans to launch the terminal several months ahead of schedule and thus meet the demands of all those users who did not have the opportunity to buy the first phone in this family. Be that as it may, it is likely that in the coming weeks we will continue to know new details about Google’s new smartphones.

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