The Google Glass Were Not Dead, Luxottica Announces That There Will Be a New Model in Brief

Long ago we learned that Google Glass project was closed, and with it stopped sales of sunglasses for developers. Eye, this did not mean the death of the product but the output of Project X and begin to operate as a stand-alone unit within the company. That Yes, it is not the division that more moves, at least in the face of the public but Luxottica CEO has given us some good news.

As it picks up Wallstreet Journal, Massimo Vian, CEO of the famous brands of sunglasses company, has announced that they are working with Google to launch a new Glass. At the moment this is all we know: are working side by side so that within a few months we have a model with, hopefully, better specs and a more integrated and invisible design.

Google Glass is back

Notice that made Massimo is quite brief, but is enough to believe in the category and think future, brief or not, we have a new Google Glass the consumer-oriented and not so much to the developers who, for now, have been the only ones to benefit from these models.

Long had been rumored that Google intended to remove Google Glass integrated into actual frames that use crystals. We will see in what is all this but with Google I/O just around the corner We hope to seize the appointment to teach us more.

Eye also to Luxottica. Long ago they stated that they had interest in releasing a wearable with Intel. Specifically they wanted to market it at the beginning of the year that comes, will have to keep track of them because the chip maker already dropped once the interest in making the next Google Glass.