The Gear to Be about, and Samsung Start Application Developer

It’s been nearly a year since July 2014, I spoke for the first time about how Samsung had patented the design of a round smartwatch to ride the wave of the curves that best seemed to be working in the sector, and a month ago we made echo of that seventh generation of Samsung known as Orbis watches would call A Gear.

And everything seems to indicate that this Gear is closer than ever, because in Samsung have begun to promote announcing that developers can now begin to request the advanced access to your SDK through a new website, with the intention of that for when the clock reaches the market you can do this with a good repertoire of applications under the arm.

In its official statement, Samsung CITES JK Shin to ensure that your company continually adapts its way to a sector that lead, and they do it through innovation, therefore welcomed all developers who wish to join efforts with them to create the best new user for your watches experiences.

Today was the day chosen by Apple to launch its Apple Watch, and is possible that Samsung begins to also announce plans for its next clock is not a coincidence. It seems that Koreans with this movement intends to emphasize that are preparing for arrive with a huge repertoire of applications to deal with Cupertino clock.

In its press release, Samsung did not want to give more details about this clock, so it remains in the air the eternal question of If you bet on Tizen or an Android Wear that it would not be surprising to receive news in GoogleI/O of late May. In any case, surely that rumors play will begin within a few weeks and we will know a bit more.