The Galaxy S8 With Physical Startup Button Would Have Been Awful

If there is something that stands out the Samsung Galaxy S8 from previous generations of the Galaxy S line is by its design.

 It is true that the jump in specifications and features is far from spectacular, but the renewed physical appearance of the terminal is undoubtedly one of the main strengths of the company to achieve the reign of the mobile phone market for another year.

And if there is one aspect that characterizes the Galaxy S8 is the small size of its screen frames, as well as the symmetry as to the size of the upper frame with respect to the lower. This leaves us with a very clean appearance when we have the terminal in our hands. But the truth is, that this symmetry and minimalism that stand out from the Galaxy S8, could have completely vanished if Samsung had decided to incorporate a physical start button on the front.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Was To Include A Physical Button On The Front

According to themotorcyclers, the Galaxy S8 is the first terminal of the Galaxy S line to dispense with the physical home buttonlocated on the front, under the screen. To mitigate the lack of the button, Samsung decided to incorporate a virtual navigation bar with a home button that stays on at all times, and that has a vibration engine to provide feedback after the user clicks.

But, as can be seen in the image registered by Samsung in the European Brand and Design Network, and as they tell us from PhoneArena , the company was going to endow the terminal with the company’s iconic button, completely frustrating the immersive experience of the screen Infinity display device.

It is true that many users would have preferred this front position for the button, especially because of the more than questioned location of the fingerprint reader of the device. Even so, it is curious to see how, if this prototype had come true, a small detail would have almost completely ruined the spectacular design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that we all know.

And you, would you prefer that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would have included a physical button on the front?