The Eyeliner MAC Spice

A few years ago, when the trend lips natural-nude began to emerge, it seemed that all the celebrities used the same tone, one very similar to the lips. In various interviews, all agreed on a name: the Spice of MAC eyeliner, and so began his legend. It’s a lip liner in a neutral tone, a bit clear for very pigmented lips and slightly terrified.

It is the best-selling brand, and the favorite of famous national (as Marta Sánchez) and international (like Linda Evangelista or Courtney Cox). However, and despite the undoubted quality of the product (it is soft, glides easily and last long), is often the case that the buyer is that the tone does not favor him too and even makes enough Orange.

It depends on, as I have already said, the color of the lips of the wearer. If they are too clear will be very Brown; If they are very pigmented it will be orange. Still, it’s an eyeliner that too well with a large number of lipsticks and it is useful to keep it handy. Between the bars of MAC is perfect with Hug me for example. That Yes, remember that a similar tone as you will find in the Chanel Nude eyeliner or, much cheaper, the Brun Noisette of Maybelline.