The Eternal Love Affair Between Fashion Vintage and Leopard Print

When we think of retro fashion, some prints from automatically to mind. The animal print– preferably the Leopard print. But, despite being fairly associated with the vintage, it can be said that this pattern never went out of style. Immortalized by the Queen of pin-ups,Bettie Page (pictured above), and by actress Elizabeth Taylor, the pattern that imitates the coat of a Jaguar or Leopard, enter early and leaves late, still permeating the parades of fashion designers and the displays of fashion.
Second report historians, the use of the skin of wild animals is something quite old. In the early days of mankind, we used these materials to protect us from the cold. Already in ancient times would have been used by noble as power status. But it was from 18 century, that fashion started to value the shapes and patterns of these skins and play them, increasingly, in the form of fabrics that they referred to the exotic African universe, as a symbol of luxury and boldness. Was no longer necessary to wear, in fact, the skin of the animal, but rather a pattern that refer to it.
It can be said that, in the 20 century, something that helped popularize this pattern in the fashion world was the film “Tarzan and The Leopard Woman”, of 30 years. At the same time, the French fashion designer Jeanne Paquin wore leopard skins in their collections and, subsequently, in the 40, Christian Dior bet on Jaguar print in a dress called “Africa”, in a collection for spring-summer. The success was so much that, because of the French fashion designer, the animal print was eventually also used in accessories and shoes of the season. One of the hits was the iconic Leopard Hat released by Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli.
The divas of the cinema of the years 50 and 60 also helped transform these patterns in symbol of elegance and good taste. Actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were often viewed with Jaguar print. The American first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, and model Bettie Page were also marked by adopting constantly this pattern.And on behalf of the boom during this period, vintage fashion was very marked by the animal print and, today, is one of the favorite prints of girls who adopt the retro style.

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