The blazer was originally a sports jacket, but today happened to also be a jacket dress casual and even elegant.

We also see this piece as part of institutional schools, airlines or yacht clubs uniforms although it is a sport combining garment. The blazer was a garment of men use but has also jumped to the wardrobe for women as a fashion item.

The blazer is born as a casual Jacket on top of the blouse or shirt and merges with pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, etc.

The blazer is a more casual cut garment so allowed accessories most striking as shoulder pads, chains, studs etc. Some women still have some fear of adhering to the blazer by believing that the garment masculinizes the body but nothing further from the truth.

This garment or blazer, adapts to all kinds of body, gorditas, flaquitas, including overweight women, the important is how to combine it.

Any fashion look, wins instant elegance when it is combined with a blazer; currently you can find models of different cuts, fabrics, and textures that you can create combinations, romantic and even sexy blazer.
The blazer for gorditas, how to use it:

Blazer with pants: this combination breaks the sobriety of the look, you can use a blazer of different color of the trousers, blazer with textures and different patterns and invest in accessories.

Blazer with short: this style is very casual and feminine, ideal for women with not very thick legs. They can be combined with the shirt’s favorite group and slippers. But keep in mind that the length of the blazercannot be passed to the short.

Blazer with dress: makes you see more feminine and delicate. It is recommended that the blazer should end with the bones of your hips. In autumn and winter use this combination by adding heavier shoes and stockings.

Blazer with skirt: very feminine, sexy and even elegant, more even if lets you show off your attributes, good legs. If you want to lose weight them using dark stockings.