The Best LED Headlamps of the 2017: Buying Guide and TOP 8

Bienvenid@s to our guide to the best LED headlamps of the moment!

Any mountain or mountain lover must handle the best equipment and the best material to make your excursions to become successful. Within this equipment we can find elements so different and indispensable as a backpack, compass, canes, bottle, GPS and a front, a good led torch which we will place in our head. On this last useful delve below.

Advantages of using a front

Many believe that the use of mountain front in a single path senderistica is advisable at night routes, but is a mistake. Independent of the time time of day (morning, afternoon or evening) we can cross a zone unknown with little light, where this element will serve as a great help.

For example, we find in various country trails area of low light and grim, or areas where you have to go through tunnels and caves. It is also vital to use in other mountain disciplines such as trail, caving and canyoning.

LED headlights are best suited for hiking in the mountains, because of their characteristics: long-lasting battery (found different types of battery, although small battery and lithium battery, with a range voltage of 3.7 V), powerful and white light, low weight and chance to get them at very cheap price.

We can carry it at all times placed in the head (style front) and the moments that we don’t have to use it, thanks to their small dimensions, the saved backpack.

The best LED headlamps of the moment: TOP 8

On this occasion, to facilitate the task of choice on a front of LED light, we wanted to carry out an analysis and comparison between different products of this type you can find in the market, in the end, we chose 8 lanterns, which we believe are the best front LED mountain cheap and of good quality.

Remain our list:

1. the most powerful headlamp: Pictek 1000 Lumen

This brand flashlight Picket will give us a super bright with using a chip of CREE T6 LED, reaching the 1000 lumen, giving us a choice of 3 different light modes: low light intensity, high light and light SOS.

Valid for mountain and hiking practice. It can also be used for cycling, hunting or take it in the car for emergencies. Important to take into account data: can be used on rainy days or in damp areas, since it is waterproof. It is made of an aluminium alloy.

Tiny, weighs 350 grams, and the very small dimensions: 12 x 11.2 x 10.8 cm. can place you in the head through adjustable and elastic ribbons to be adapted to any size, and not notice you are wearing it up, giving you the chance to practice your favourite sport with free hands, and getting the best possible lighting. The beam of light that throws the torch is 90 degrees.

It is very easy to use, because it controls through a single button well located. The battery is charged through a charger with USB cable, so from your own mobile, you can manage you at any given time energy. Purchase kit includes 2 batteries. Each battery has an approximate duration of 3 hours with the use of high light interrupted.

2 front LED flashlight Canwelum

It is Lantern brings a powerful light, formed by 3 LEDs, whose light sources are 1 white and 2 red, still valid for sports use. One of its features is that the energy is given by a battery consisting of 3 batteries of type AAA, granting a period of execution of 3-6 hours, depending on the non-light use.

Luminous flux would have a maximum voltage of 3.7 V and a power of 200-300 lm in different ways. You can illuminate a range of 80 meters.

The use is very simple, just have to press the switch and choose the type of light you need in every moment, giving 4 possibilities: high beam, low beam, red emergency light and light spectroscopy. This last light is illuminated by flashes to moving objects.

It has a light and handy, design of gray, only weighs 48 g without batteries and features with dimensions of 6 x 3.5 x 4.6 cm. allowing placement and its adjustment in the head or a helmet, through an elastic band. The material which is made the focus is hard plastic. Purchase kit adds an instruction book.

3 front LED flashlight VicTsing

A LED flashlight which reaches up to 3000 lm, front head whose quality price allows you enter in our list. Use up to 4 different models of lights: 1 mode is fixed white light, mode 2 with side lights on, in addition, the mode with 3 lights on and final mode, which gives lights flashing. In short, this flashlight’s reach is 300 m. away from light.

Purchase kit brings 2 rechargeable batteries, can be charged via a USB cable added. Each battery will allow up to 6 hours of interrupted lighting.

One of the novelties regarding the other two lanterns is containing a zoom, allowing you to focus the beam of light or smudge it, turning a green thread located around the headlight itself. Recommended for use in any sport practiced in the open air. Also it can be used in rainy days and wet areas, since it is waterproof.

On its design, it must be said is built on a lightweight material as it is an aluminium alloy, that Ribbon is adjustable and allows its placement in the head and a helmet. The light has a swivel design that allows you to adjust the angle to the direction that we need and illuminating, in this way, the area that you want.

4 Lantern 3 Boirut create L2

We have chosen for our list a model on front of Boirut brand, a brand that offers a wide range of products of this type. Our choice has been an updated version for 2017 a front that will give us 6500 lm. The electrical power is of 20 V.

4 different light modes: low light (1 L2) mid-level (2L 2) light light of high intensity (3 L2) and flashing (3 L2). It has a distance of lighting that can reach 6500 lumens.

The front panel can be used for any sport that is practiced outdoors, even those that occur in situations where we have to pass through wet areas or on rainy days, because it is waterproof, but not recommended for use in water dives. Also gives the possibility to set to 90 degrees, with an inclination much of ida return.

It is manufactured in aluminium, finished in black, is a robust and resistant, front with a total weight of 380 grams. It contains wiring that goes from the focus to the battery. Battery (2 batteries) can be charged directly or via a USB cable, charger so it is worth a mobile phone as a dotador of energy.

5 Koly long: front Koly

This model of front will give us a light that can reach a maximum of 9000 Lm. The model of LED used as a lighthouse is the XM-L T6. It contains up to 3 LED lights, one main and 2 side. Thanks to a button located on the central light, can choose different modes of light output.

It contains wiring that connects the bulb with the battery, installed in the rear part. This circuit allows the optimal use of a Li-ion battery modelo18650. You can be charged up to a number of 1800 times.

Purchase kit includes a USB cable, if there is a need that the battery is recharged by any device such as, for example, a mobile phone. The voltage used is 3.7 v.

The flashlight is waterproof, although it is not recommended to use water.

On its design can be said to be light, with a just a weight of 219 g. Dimensions: 85 x 35 x 47 mm. Thanks to an elastic band and different regulators, fits all sizes of head and helmets. The tape is fluorescent green, and both the focus and the battery are black.

6. ultra-bright Sunix SU001

We reach a front ideal for use in sports model mountain thanks to its ultra bright light, please. It is equipped with the LED light intensity Enhancer and that will allow you to vary between 3 different light modes. One of these functions is the red light that indicates emergency or SOS.

The battery uses 3 normal batteries type AAA, giving lighting that can reach 40 meters without losing quality. This battery life is approximately 6 hours. It is a waterproof flashlight, even if it is not valid for diving and for use in water sports.

Its small dimensions and its low weight allows you to take in the head or store it in any backpack, even in money belts or pockets of clothing. The casings are plastic and black. Brings regulators for its setting a time is placed in the head.

7. a front lower cost, almost impossible: Lighting EVER E

The use of this front is not suitable for sports exercises where you need a great lighting, even if it is valid for the mountain, to situations in which you need a light for example, inside a tent.

This LED front lamp will give us up to 4 different brightness levels: 3 modes of intensity of white light (using LED lights 2, 10 and 18 respectively) and 1 way of valid flashing red light for emergency situations.

It weighs only 80 grams and contains a heavy duty rubber band that you can adjust to place it on the head. You can also adjust it through her top. It is very comfortable to wear.

It is the cheapest, but also of the less powerful on our list. It has an only scope of 6 meters. It works under a battery consisting of 3 model AAA batteries, which are included in the kit purchase. You can adjust the focus up to an angle of 90 degrees down, staying stable in the position you’ve chosen to place it.

As we have indicated, it is the cheapest mountain front that we have found.

8 Duomishu Lantern: front LED 3 modes

Our last flashlight is a front of the brand Duomishu Tecnhology which will give us an ultra bright light that we set up in 3 different intensity grades: high, low and flashing. Through a switch you can choose mode.

It reaches up to 2000 lumens, providing visibility to 200 meters away. The battery can be charged by USB cable. A full charge will give us up to 3 hours of light interrupted.

You can adjust the flashlight on your head thanks to a strap that is elastic, with just 70 grams weight. Rotates the lamp up to 45 degrees. It is waterproof.

All these lights will give you the opportunity to perform the task that you want without having to have your hands full to keep a light. The mining use have passed in recent years to the sporting use. There you have left a very economic examples. These 8 models have been our recommendations, but, now you decide to you.