The Best GPS For Bike of the Moment

Bienvenid@s to a new guide of field sports in which we do a compilation of the best GPS for bike of the moment!

All good cycling lovers want to have controlled factors of their training: the distance that has made, the time which has pulled pedaling, keystrokes that marks your heart or what is the path to be followed. Today technology allows to know all that data instantly and in real-time to routes in which you only have to worry about pedaling.

With a browser GPS can store the route you’ve done bike and then analyze it in applications such as Google Earth. Also share with peers and view it in tools like Strava, Wikiloc or Sports Tracker.

In this guide we have made a selection of the best GPS bike that you can find in the market today. We lucky enough to try some of them, while for others we simply devoted several hours to know the opinion of the people who have used them, as well as their main characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

But before we get into further analysis of each of these models, we want to spend a few lines to highlight certain aspects that should be considered when buying a GPS for bike. Therefore, this guide is divided into the following sections:

  1. Selection of GPS for bike
  2. Tips to keep in mind to buy a cycling GPS
  3. The best GPS for bike

So you do not wait any longer. I leave you with this guide with the best GPS for your workouts, outputs and racing bike. We hope that I will be useful!

Comparative table and prices

Tips to keep in mind

There are various aspects that must be taken into account before choosing between one of many designed GPS for cycling can be found in the market. Here are some of them.

  • Battery. The battery life is key if you plan to make several-hour routes. Usually these machines battery goes from eight hours of autonomy up to 24 hours. In this regard, it is important that the device you choose offers you the possibility to change the GPS mode to reduce battery consumption.
  • Navigation system. An interesting aspect of many of these devices is that they allow navigation. That is, act as a small map that shows the way forward: when to follow straight, when when you turn left, turn right,… Your device to enter this option is valuable very positively.
  • Routes storage. In relation to the previous point, it is useful that the device lets you store paths to follow them in the future. In this way you can explore new paths without losing yourself when you go to unknown places.
  • Compatibility with accessories. Many of these GPS are compatible with other systems which indicate the heart rate or Cadence of pedaling. If you want more information during your trips, make sure that it is compatible with these technologies.
  • Connectivity. More recent models have Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to synchronize data after each route with your mobile device to analyze the training and travel without wires. Some models also allow you to receive notifications such as calls, messages or warnings of social networks.
  • Own application. Most of these devices have a proper application to view and analyze all the data path. For example, Garmin devices are equipped with Garmin Connect; Suunto, with Movescount.

After knowing this already have some concepts that rating when choosing between a few models or others. So now we move into a more in-depth analysis of the best GPS for bike of the moment. You will then see some models Walio, Polar, Garmin and Bryton.

Our opinions, the best GPS for bike

Garmin EDGE 520

Garmin is the leading brand in the sale of GPS devices. EDGE 520 model is located in the middle in terms of price range, but at the high end in terms of functionality. Its design is compact and its screen lacks the touch option, as it is the case in other high-end models.

The Garmin EDGE 520 is compatible with ANT + devices and also the Bluetooth system, so you can improve your physical performance by measuring heart rate, Cadence sensors or potentiometers.

The Garmin EDGE 520 battery is 15 hours. The device can be configured for various modes of cycling: bicycle of mountain, road, roller racing in each mode you can display custom screens.

In relation to the display modes include that each of them up to five screens of data can be configured with ten fields in each of them. Details to show all types are: distances, speed, altitude, heart rate, time or power, among others.

The Garmin EDGE 520 was first Strava-compatible GPS in real time. Device will keep the segments in your usual training area and show you information when the segment starts with how much is left for the end, how far are the KOM and your position at the end of the segment.

This GPS also has a training mode where you can charge custom workouts so the device give you orders and mark you limits during the session. In addition, it includes other features like altimeter barometric; Virtual Partner (competition with previous exercise sessions); Auto pause (timer stops and restarts depending on your pace); Auto lap (automatically starts a new lap); thermometer; integration with systems of Shimano Di2 electronic exchange navigation and weather alerts.

The main negative points include touch buttons (is better) and you can not extend the memory. Navigation is correct, but can also be improved (it is not a device thought to do this).

Polar M450

M450 Polar GPS has a very good relationship quality – price and offers excellent performance in any situation. For users seeking advanced training should be noted that the device is compatible with speed, Cadence and potentiometers sensors like the Look Keo Power.

One aspect that draws the attention of this model is its versatility. Although it is a GPS for cycling, it can be used for other sports. This Polar has created a feature in which different sport modes can be configured.

Another interesting aspect is that it incorporates functions such as heart rate-based training programming. This allows you to prepare your training sessions at home and follow the directions that mark you the device during the bike exit.

Polar has incorporated in this model a very interesting security measure cyclists who train in low light conditions may be better. And that you have installed a front light so that drivers can see the cyclist when night falls or when dawn breaks. The autonomy of the battery in the Polar M450 HR is about 16 hours when you have synchronized GPS and heart rate meter.

Compatibility-level device can be synchronized with the Polar Flow application, where you can see all the details of the route: laps, average speed, graphics power, heart rate, altitude graphics… Also, recently Polar has built-in automatic synchronization with Strava: now when you sync your routes with Polar Flow, these will be uploaded automatically to this application. Synchronization is by means of the Bluetooth system.

Its negative aspects include the power meter does not provide data in intervals of 3, 5 or 10 seconds and five zones of power can only be configured.

Walio iGPSPORT iGS20

The Walio iGPSPORT iGS20 is one of those so-called devices to combat the major brands of GPS devices with a more affordable than the rest, but also with a more limited functionality.

The iGPSPORT Walio iGS20 collects data such as instantaneous velocity, the average speed of the route, the maximum speed, the number of kilometres travelled, as well as the total distance, altitude, temperature, time, time travel, and date. These data are displayed on the screen in black and white of the device in real time.

During the path browser also stores the GPS signal and saves it in a file format .fit so you can view it in tools like Google Earth or link it to your account Strava. Note that the device can store more than 110 hours of data.

As we said, the screen is black and white. This screen has an intelligent lighting system. The display illumination is activated automatically depending on the GPS signal: measure your position and calculate what time will be at night or what time dawn. The screen has the IPX7 water resistance certificate.

The connection to the computer to get the routes that has kept the device is via a connection micro USB. This connection is also used to recharge the device. Battery is lithium-ion and has a range of over 25 hours. That Yes, when the lighting is activated the battery life is reduced hours.

Among other features which have drawn us attention is the barometric altimeter, which offers great precision of height and the gap accumulated over route, the thermometer and the automatic time update function.

Bryton Rider 310T

The Bryton Rider 310 goes online device Walio we put earlier, but with benefits and a slightly higher price. To this is attached is a very easy to use GPS and offering excellent performance.

Its advanced aspects include that it is compatible with sensors heart rate, Cadence sensors and power meters that work using ANT + technology.

The screen has one large enough to see all the data on the route. This screen can be configured to display up to 8 data on screen from a selection of more than 70 parameters of the route in real time.

As was the case with the Walio, Bryton Rider 310T automatically stored GPS location data so after each route you can extract them in format .fit, and you can pair it with your favorite applications.

An important aspect in relation to other devices is that the GPS includes Cadence sensor. Thus, when you open the box you will find, in addition to the device itself and the Cadence sensor, brackets, USB cable, the heart rate sensor and the instruction manual.

Between one of its strengths is the battery, which has an excellent duration. The main negative point of this model is that it doesn’t have to load routes and navigate.

Garmin EDGE 820

GPS for Garmin EDGE 820 bicycle is a device designed for athletes who are looking for maximum performance, so it is compatible with ANT + sensors, which include speed, Cadence, power meters and heart frequency. This model brings a novelty: the Group Track, a tool that allows you to connect your device with the fellow through Garmin Connect so that when you make a training group you can follow the trail of your teammates and they follow you.

The device is equipped with a touch screen with a resolution of 200 x 265 pixels. This screen is one of the aspects that has worked very well the American company Garmin, because it offers an excellent display of data in all situations. The display automatically adjusts brightness each time light conditions.

In terms of navigation, Garmin EDGE 820 has the maps Garmin Cycle Map System. In it you will find routes, bicycle lanes, elevation data, points of interest and search for addresses of the majority of European countries. This model also features a Bluetooth system that allows you to receive notifications and synchronize your activities with Garmin Connect and Strava.

The battery lasts 15 hours of autonomy in normal mode. There is also the possibility of low consumption, in which autonomy extends to 24-hour mode.

Some of its most outstanding features are: Virtual Partner (to compete against your own previous sessions), the autopausa, the automatic lap counter, automatic scrolling between screens of data during training, temperature, alerts of weather or the calculation of calories burned.

If we were to stay with some negative aspects of this model, would highlight the high price and the heart rate sensor is not waterproof (some users have experienced problems with it).

That’s all for today, we hope that you have been useful. If you have any comments, no other os!We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook : will share tips, advice and comparative.