The Best Cheap Birkenstock Sandals

As it is becoming customary in the elaboration of our detailed guides, have conducted research on the main models of the brand, we have compared them, taking into account the value for money and we have chosen five models that are that most have struck us in responding to the demands that we have set ourselves.

Obviously the Birkenstock Sandals always guarantee quality as one of the most leading brands in the market, therefore we have had other aspects into account, as it is the design or comfort.

Prior to enter fully into matter, and analyze each model, we would like to detail some basics to keep in mind when choosing a pair of Birkenstock sandals. For this reason, we have divided this article differentiating the following aspects:

  • Tips for choosing a pair of Birkenstock sandals
  • Top five of the best
  • References on Birkenstock sandals

Go for it!

Comparative table and prices

Tips to consider before buying the best Birkenstock sandals

How mentioned, before buying a pair of sandals, you have to evaluate various aspects essential for you money that we invest in them is not thrown in the trash and end up in the Shoemaker by catching dust season after season.

Breathable material: this is a mantra that we must apply whenever you want to buy a pair of sandals for the summer or spring. Although we believe that our feet are perfect (they are safe), sudan, that is undeniable, and it is not a drama. It is not good if the material that they are made our sandals, is breathable, not only by the smell, that also, but because being wet, it is normal to shoe chafing suffer abrasions or blisters.

Rubber outsole: there is no question of fashions, podiatrists agree that it is the best material that can be made sandals, why? Very easy, why they will always offer a better cushioning and flexibility than other materials such as plastic. In this aspect the Birkenstock Sandals have it clear, always use this material to their soles. A point in their favor.

Sole flat: a feature that should women be vigilant when buying his sandals, it is advisable that they do not have more than one or two centimetres of heel. As we know, that in general line, heel is bad for the back, but in the case of sandals, they have another problem that has to do with the subject. Being more open than for example some booties, Toe is more loose and leans worse if you are inclined by a heel, so, in your day to day, without a doubt, a flat Birkenstock sandal. Go to fashion and go for comfortable go does not have to be at odds.

Light: not has happened never that you’ve proven you sandals and weighing more than what you imagined? I.e. If they are shoes so to speak in any way, with just one strip to attach the feet, how does possible who weigh much or more than a few sneakers? So very easy, by materials that are made. Generally, in the low-cost stores, they tend to be plastic bad quality or derivatives that make them not all light that ought to be. Therefore, you always have to opt for Sandals by quality at an affordable price, as it is the case of the Birkenstock models that we propose below.

Our opinions, the best cheap Birkenstock sandals

Taking all these aspects into account already have the basics to be able to choose the best choice of cheap Birkenstock sandals.

Classic sandal: Birkenstock 51793

Classic sandal Birkenstock model is characterized by its simplicity and comfort. It’s a unisex model. Sandal comes with individual adjustment of two belts.

Top sandal material known as Birko-Flor, is made up of PVC quality plastic that helps your daily cleaning, a hygienic and easy way, just have to go a slightly damp washcloth.

The top is covered with a layer of breathable and soft Napa, a material of high quality and healthy for foot, which touch causes a pleasant sensation and prevents chafing. In addition to being very resistant.

The inner sole, consists of a leather covering can be adapted to the shape of each foot. Its shape aleolar makes it very breathable, preventing your feet sweat and cause irritation in the area.

The inner material of the sandal is Cork, a 100% natural product that is heat insulation, so that in times of high temperatures will help a better foot temperature. In addition, Cork, also helps greater cushioning of the shoe.

Furthermore, the exterior, or contact, sole is Eva, a high quality plastic that apart from providing cushioning properties, and a very light material, making sandal much lighter than if it were composed of other material, also favors the elasticity.


Advantages: Comfort, lightweight, flexible and the rubber outsole absorbs excellently.

Disadvantages: make sure the size since to be a unisex model can give more size than usual.

Birkenstock Gizeh sandal

Sandal Birkenstock Gizeh model provides comfort with a touch of modernity. Sandal has an individual setting with Bridge, which makes the attachment of the foot comfortable

Plastic from the sole plate in contact or outside is Eva, a material of high quality, perfect to cushion the foot during long walks. Besides being extremely lightweight, by which hardly we will notice weight in our feet.

As in other models of sandals, Birkenstock, the inner material is made from Cork, which favors the damping of the footwear, as well as being a great insulating heat, indispensable if we think of perfect shoes for the summer or spring, especially in hot and humid areas.

The inner sole of the sandal features a coating flexible skin, which makes that shoe fits gently the walk and not backward, in such way that does not create any rash or damage. The material is perfectly breathable, so we will not have any problem if we want to use the shoes, for example, on long walks.

Finally, note that is made up of more material sandal. It is a PVC plastic with a soft and breathable layer of napa. Together, they form a structure of high quality, flexibility and breathability that provides quality footwear.


Advantages: comfort and good grip of the foot.

Drawback: If your foot is not used to a grip between fingers, can cause discomfort the first days until you get used.

Unisex Sandals Birkenstock Milano

The Milan sandal Birkenstock model is designed for people who spend much time standing, for example, in his work. Providing comfort and correct posture of the body for that nor back, knees not to suffer more than necessary. So, if this is your case, and during the day these long standing without moving the site, is the best solution.

Sandal comes with a double grip at the top of it, as well as strengthen the attachment of the foot with a strip at the ankle.

All fasteners, i.e., the two upper and side, are adjustable with buckles, in such a way that they perfectly to suit the size and structure of large feet as more fine.

Like the other models that you are talking about on this guide best Birkenstock sandals in the market, they are unisex.

Materials that is formed this sandal model, are of high quality, and as it is becoming customary in the firm, offer a great breathability and cushioning of the foot.


Advantages: They provide much comfort to people who spend too much time to the day of foot.

Disadvantages: As in other models of Birkenstock sandals, must take into account the size, since it is usually larger than the usual standards.

Birkenstock Madrid sandals

The following model sandal Birkenstock that we have chosen in our top five, is Madrid.

As you can see in the picture, it’s a sandal with only a wide strip at the top of the sandal, which leaves outdoors practically at all the foot. Still a very cool shoe even for periods of temperatures high as the summer.

This model of shoes Birkenstock, given her comfort and adaptability, was launched as “gymnastics sandal”. But it took little to become a classic of our day to day.

Its base in Cork and latex make a shoe that provides great cushioning, which is essential if you’re going to walk a lot during the day. Cork, also isolated from the heat, so it will keep our foot to an ideal temperature in spring or summer.

Its flexible Eva outsole also promotes proper cushioning and adaptability of our foot sandal.


Advantages: As almost always, the comfort that provides, as well as breathability and lightness. Making it is one of the best options for cheap Birkenstock sandal.

Disadvantages: compared to other models of Birkenstock sandals, as it is the case of Milano, the subject is not so fixed to consist only of an upper Strip.

Clogs Boston Birkenstock

We finished our review and analysis with clogs unisex Boston model.

This Birkenstock shoes stands out as one of the most popular clogs of the market. The front of the sandal is covered, with a superior fastening with a buckle that helps us regulate the fastening of the footwear.

Top sandal material consists of a breathable Microfiber, so, although our foot will not this 100% outdoors, be well ventilated. The inner sole of the shoe, is very soft to adapt to the shape of the foot, but non-deformable, thus ensuring a perfect grip of the same.

As an additional feature, no material are part of this shoe has origin or animal component, so it is one of the favorite choices of vegans and animal rights advocates.


Advantages: Comfort and cushioning, attached to a full hold of the foot

Disadvantages: It is not as breathable as earlier models of Birkenstock sandals

References on Birkenstock sandals

To complete this post in a little anecdotal way, remember that very recently, in fact, still last summer spoke of this trend, the Sandals Birkenstock them was known as ‘Ugly Shoes’ since they clashed with other fashions that were being trend, i.e. Sandals much more uncomfortable and that the only thing they were looking for were a powerful aesthetic.

Today, what the majority of users when you start the process of searching for a new pair of sandals, is your comfort and a cane design that attention, two characteristics that make that Birkenstock Sandals do not pass unnoticed.

It was only a matter of time before a brand knew read the new desires of the majority and to provide a model that met our expectations.

Being a sales hit, a Birkenstock Sandals you have left countless copies, very cheap, that Yes, but who do not meet the quality standards which must have shoes that we carry so that our feet will not suffer.

For this reason, we recommend that you always opt for the original, and especially for any models you’ve recommended.

Here our guide detailed best Birkenstock Sandals cheap. Remember that you can follow us on our Facebook where we show you some very interesting tricks, tips and recommendations. We wait for you!

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