The Best Cameras For Photography Enthusiasts

Many are started every day in the wonderful world of photography, however in the wide range of options that provide cameras dealers currently fail to decide what will be the lens that capture that special moment. That is why we invite you to learn a little more about some equipment which according to its performance are the best choice for digital photography enthusiasts.

Nikon D5200

Taking a look at the characteristics of the SLR Nikon D5200 amateur photography could say that this camera is very similar to the Nikon D3200 and the single D5100 than with an articulated screen and a 24 mp sensor. Now, the question is not falling into a tirade by comparisons with teams predecessors, because to tell the truth, this reflex is one step more in front of his description leaving a glimpse.

And is that just with just knowing that this mid-range camera has a focus on 39 points system and a 24 million CMOS image sensor pixel gives only a starter of the fascinating thing is this team. Although the viewer and other details such as ergonomic design make us see that this is a simple reflex camera, however it is quite the opposite.

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As we did see above its ergonomic design has not changed much in the D5200 with respect to its predecessor the Nikon D5100. But the principle remains the same: a lightweight body and something small but with good details.

The excellent system of this D5200 approach manages to be the most remarkable feature of this SLR. Because its mechanism of 39 points, i.e. a system (very similar to the Nikon D7000) multi-cam 4800DX that leaves behind its predecessors of 11 focus points.

As we indicated previously the D5200 Nikon SLR takes a step in front of the other cameras of the Japanese manufacturer who only had 16 mp. And it now incorporates a CMOS APS-C size and 24 mp.

In addition this equipment also allows recording and video 1080 p at 25 and 24 fps, 720 p at 50, 25 and 24 fps. With a unique reduction of dust and noise thanks to the CMOS sensor. As is the video compression format H.264/MPEG-4 lets capture videos continuously between 20 and 30 minutes.

Canon SX510

Last, but not least we should highlight the Canon Powershot SX510, a portable camera with a zoom that any photography enthusiast would want, because its 30 x’s approach and its great lens 24 mm angle allow to quickly capture the best footage with the best settings. In addition something surprising this team’s compact size, therefore it makes it ideal for any activity.

Your HS System system captures images in environments with low light conditions without flash. This is also due to its processor DIGIC 4 performance and its 12.1 mp CMOS image. Its optical image stabilizer prevents the blurred effects produced by the movements.

Despite its compact size, the Canon SX510 comes equipped with a LCD display 3 “with high resolution and wide range of vision, which allows settings more easily. Unlike its competition, this camera if you have a touch system on your screen for navigation fluid through the menus.

Nikon D5300

Nikon never ceases to amaze us, the reflex D5300 is proof of that. This mid-range camera is capable is measured with the D7100 when it comes to image quality. In addition the new Duet formed by the Wi-Fi connectivity and global positioning (GPS) system is a novelty many be taken into account.

D5300 Nikon has an APS-C size CMOS image sensor and 24-Megapixel resolution, the same as that of the D5200, however, this does not count with low-pass filter which makes this equipment to enhance the level of detail in the image as well as its resolution. In a nutshell, fits into the same sensor of the Nikon D7100, which represents an improvement in the quality of the image in comparison to its predecessor

Its exterior design does not vary much from its predecessor the D5200 Nikon, although there are some details that it is worthwhile to emphasize. Perhaps the most innovative aspect of this is its rear screen 3.2 “(0.2” larger than the previous version). With a visual ratio of 3:2, and this panel of 1 mp resolution.

Nikon maintains in this model the approach system 39 points, while the D5200 already possessed still placing far above Canon Nikon and its 9 focus points.

As we said at the beginning, the Nikon D5300 is the first SLR combining Wi-Fi and GPS. A couple of options that were available in the past, but with external devices.

Unlike its predecessor, the D5300, captures videos 1920 x 1080 pixels at a maximum of 50 fps with a 38 MB/sec data transfer rate Another aspect that we should highlight this equipment is the output video without compression by HDMI.