The Best Blockers In The World

Why not you? Sean McColl, Jakob Schubert, Alex Megos, Jongwon Chon, Petra Klinger, Melissa Le Neve … They will all be at the CWIF 2017 in Sheffield, City of outdoor in the United Kingdom.
The 11th edition of Climbing Works International Festival (CWIF), an event Rab, to be held on 18 and 19 March at the Climbing Works in Sheffield (UK), promises an exceptional competition, like its participants.

On the men’s side, Sean McColl, Jakob Schubert and Alex Megos, who each won a previous edition of CWIF, will try to recover their title against a major challenger:Jongwon Chon, winner of the 2015 World Cup. The absence of Shauna Coxsey (who finished recovering from an injury at the end of last season), who has won the last five editions, will leave the field open to a horde of top contenders, including the current world champion block Petra Klingler and Melissa Le Neve (2nd in CWIF last year) and Sol Sa .

A victory all the more important for the planet Bloc that the competition of the Rab-CWIF traditionally places itself like kick-off of the season, announcing the beginning of the World Cup of Bloc IFSC. A key weekend to see who is in the best shape and make his predictions …

The semi-finals and finals will be broadcast live on Sunday 19 March on With 450 participants from more than 20 countries for the United Nation, it is the international elite of the block who finds themselves in Sheffield to gauge and compete on problems imagined by the best international openers.But Rab CWIF is not just a competition reserved for the best. The qualifications that take place on Saturdays allow all the participants to face the leaders of the discipline. During these sessions, everyone is trying the same problems, from the world champion to the local warrior.