The Battery on Your Smartphone is Not Enough? Refer to a Power Bank

The development of smartphones happens at a huge pace, providing more and more resources, but what is fact is that the batteries have evolved very little and are still a glimpse in this development.

There are few smartphones that get a day of use in intensive use … and when you do not have a power outlet, the solution will have to be a Powerbank.Current Powerbanks are practical, inexpensive and can save you a lot of inconvenience.

A Powerbank is no more than a portable device capable of delivering power via USB from its batteries, as if it were a normal charger. At first glance the utility of a Powerbank may seem dubious but you have a smartphone with low autonomy, if you travel without knowing the places you will go or if you simply want to be safer in case you have an unforeseen, then a Powerbank will do The difference.

There are many models with different capacities. Considering for example a smartphone whose battery has 3000mAh of capacity, a Powerbank of 2500mAh obviously that will not be able to fully charge this battery, but will serve perfectly to unleash an unforeseen.

Already in case Powerbank has 6000mAh of capacity to charge the same smartphone , will be able to fully charge once more the second time will not get a full charge, simply because there are losses in the process of transferring energy.Therefore, you should consider this detail when choosing a Powerbank.

As appropriate suggestions to the current smartphone market, Xiaomi has the best and most practical Powerbanks.Available in 2 different formats, Mi Powerbank 10000mAh and Mi Powerbank 10400mAh have high build quality and good performance is guaranteed.

Mi Powerbank 10000mAh was one of the models that we had opportunity to test in Pplware and the results, in view of our needs was quite satisfactory at all levels.According to Xiaomi, this Powerbank is capable of 2.5 loads on the Xiaomi Mi 4 (proven by us), 4.5 loads on the iPhone 5s and 1.5 loads on the iPad mini.

In terms of specifications, these Powerbanks have an output current of 2.1A and a voltage of 5.1V, which is suitable for most mobile devices.They weigh around 250g and have various technologies in operation management, supported by Texas Instruments.

In particular, they have 9 layers of protection, including temperature control, input and output overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, inverted connection protection, overload protection or overflow, among others, guaranteeing an efficiency of About 90% and saving the life of the cells in 100 cycles.

Its construction is in anodized aluminum, in an ergonomic shape and with smooth edges.They are available from € 13 up to € 17.

Also Huawei has its Powerbank of 13000mAh , but this one prepared with 2 USB ports, thus allowing the simultaneous loading of 2 devices.The output current is 2A and the voltage is 5V, also having a set of protection technologies similar to Xiaomi Powerbanks.

If you have additional capacity and can charge up to 2 devices at once, then this Powerbank Huawei AP007 13000mAh might be the right choice.

The power banks, including xiaomi power bank and huawei power bank can be found at TimelessTablets, with shipping from the European Union without any additional fees.