The Basics Of Beauty

We tend to talk about the basic wardrobe of all girl, but very few times we get to talk about the basics of beauty. We must not forget that the outfits are made from head to toe and a good beauty routine to help form your just like any piece of clothing style.

Although each girl has a routine and different Favorites, there are certain things that should be on all exchanges, whether you’re a fan of makeup or prefer a more natural look.

A lip of a striking color is crucial, although most go for the classic red encourage you to experiment with different shades and finishes, you will be surprised. A pencil of the same tone will help delineate best and keep the color.

The eyeliner is another great ally of women, each person is accommodated with a different and each creates different styles, whether it is that you decide by pencil, gel or liquid (or you are a loquilla like me and uses the three alike). One of the most popular styles the eyeliner has given us is the cat eye. It is true that a little black dress will make a statement, but a perfectly successful eye cat will cause envy. It is a style that is going well to all types of eyes and although it is not easy and will take quite practical worth.

If you were on a desert island and could only take me an article of beauty it would be the rimmel, there is nothing that will change the face of a girl like a layer of this wonderful product.

A palette of shades with neutral tones will always you get out of troubles. Especially for beginners, it is best to have a palette that combines between does have a lot of colors loose without knowing how to use them among them.

Depending on your dedication to the blush makeup, bronzer and lighting will be needed. I’m not a particular fan of these products, but in recent seasons, the focus has been on the face and complexion, and these three elements will help you to achieve a dream face.

When it comes to applying makeup much of the quality of the work is in the brushes. There are only a couple of really necessary brushes, a thick and flat to apply liquid, or round base for applying powder Foundation, a thin for eyeliner and a couple to apply and blend shades.

The only thing worse than a greasy face is a makeup Pasty to be apply and apply powder to counteract the brightness. Luckily there are the “blotting papers” which serve to absorb the brightness. A Basic for any girl.

Although I am a fan of soil makeup tip me a more natural style, so the BB creams have stolen my heart, improve your complexion as well as a base, but they are much more light and lenient with your skin.

The cousin of the “blotting papers” is dry shampoo, one of the best inventions of humanity that allows us to go one other day between 10quick without our scalp looks like a disco ball. In addition to cool hair help to give texture and volume.

Depending on your hair brush that you have to use it, but usually a flat broad brush is a good tool for most hair types.

After years of trying to imitate hair salon that my stylist let me I discovered that one of the secrets is the quality of the dryer, and since we are in that invest in a heat spreader is not over.

Don’t have to explain why they are vital iron and pliers, right?

If we want to maintain the health of our hair should not forget the heat shield each that we use our tools, the fried hair is very difficult to repair.

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