Tested: Tracta Angelic Beauty Lipsticks

Days ago I got a very cute hat from kit with the new lipsticks Angelic Beauty line, the Tracta. Use the products of this brand for years because I find great prices and quality. Tip: one of the best correctives I’ve ever used in my life is theirs-the coverage is absolutely amazing!–But today I will focus on the lipsticks!

The Angelic Beauty line has 10 colors ranging from light to darker tones. The difference of these lipsticks is the satin touch, which gives that glare of gloss. It is easy to apply, it slides very well on his lips and even moisturizes. His price is very user-friendly: 18.00 R$ and can be purchased online, in the store.

The lipsticks are well pigmented and has good durability, according to ehealthfacts.org. The tone that surprised me most was the nude, because until today I hadn’t found one to stay good in me, but the Tracta was so perfect, so much so that took up a whole face photo to show you. Is it legal to use this when we make that makeup more charged in the eyes to not make no exaggeration. The tone that I didn’t like was the Lover, which to me is a version of the MAC Snob, and I never enjoyed that lipstick.

The packaging is chic and your finest and elongated format doesn’t take up much space in your makeup bag. I will say that I think the flower very cute and brand if you are thorough as I, you will also be enchanted with this cuteness! There are other makeup products of the line that you can check on the website of the brand: Our site. I hope you enjoyed the tip. I really loved the lipsticks and I want to thank the Tracta by sending me the press kit to test and tell you here on the blog!