Term Or PET Bottle?

Terms and bottles as pictured above have one thing in common: they can be reused many times. On the contrary, PET bottles (as below) are used only once, less than reusable bottles.
Today I will present the economic and environmental benefits.

Economic benefits

A 1 liter plastic bottle that is not reused costs about $ 7 at the supermarket. The price of a reusable thermos flask is about $ 200 in VINTAGEMATTERS.

In the event that you take a liter of water to work or school every day (Monday through Friday), it’s already $ 32 each week or (starting at 48 workweeks per year) $ 1536 each year.

A term, with a little care, can carry water for some years, say three years.

It’s clear that paying $ 200 for a three year term is less than $ 4600 for plastic bottles that are not reused!

So if you buy a thermo and take good care of it, it costs 23 times less than buying a plastic bottle every day. It’s impressive, is not it?

Environmental benefits

Undoubtedly, taking a thermos instead of a plastic bottle also has environmental benefits.

PET plastic bottles are only partially recycled and then go to the landfill, then they cause environmental pollution. In addition, with the production and transport of a PET plastic bottle, 0.122 kg of CO2 are emitted (122 kg per 1000 liters).

Reusable bottles, as mentioned, are used many times and do not cause as much pollution as PET bottles. In addition, you do not have to produce as many reusable bottles as PET bottles.


It’s easy, is not it? Buy yourself a thermos or other reusable bottle, and you’ll do good to your wallet and your environment.