Take Your Time, Take Advantage Of Your Fitball

Hello one more week!

We have a few sessions expectations a little cane with strength training (Yes, without counting the introduction to Yoga. not us pass not one!).

But as we know that it is very important to strengthen your muscles through specific exercises, and also know that you like to squeeze the time that you dedicate to do fitness, go back to propose a circuit with one of the accessories that we like more: the fitball.

Have already done many entries with this ball: here and here, not noticed that we love to train with a fitball, right?

Thus, to slightly change the dynamics of training tend to be used, this time we’re going to take our time and we will make this circuit with fitball with confidence, based on a Pilates workout, working to fund the breaths and focusing on the achievement of the year… A relaxing training of fitball!

1.Puente with ball (back): press your shoulder blades against the ball, cross your hands and place them on your chest, without moving your feet. It stretches your back until it is parallel to the ground and after a brief pause, low again. Focus on the achievement of the movement, take your time to do the exercise.
Exhale when extending and inhale when you return to the start position.

2.Sentadillas with ball with one leg: put an ankle on top of the ball and crouch down until your knee is at a 90 degree angle.Then get up to extending your leg and, after a brief pause, lower slowly. After each series, see alternating leg. (Never you work one leg more than the other, you will create muscular decompensation).

3.Extensiones ABS with fitball: sit on the floor or on a mat. Put you on your knees and put your hands above the ball, extends his arms extended and let your relaxed back, but straight.
Keep your back and arms extended, ball top wheel above until your arms are against it and collapses the abdomen, do not forget that your back should be straight (straight back!) during the entire movement.

4.Navajas with ball: place ankles on top of the ball, extend your legs, ensures that your chest is facing the ground and supports your hands on the Mat to get up from the ground.
Hold your weight on your arms, wheel the ball by bending your knees and hips, and lifts the buttocks towards upwards forming a V, and fly to the initial position.

5.Fondo of triceps with ball: lie down on top of the fiball mouth and wheel forward until the ball is at the height of your warm, keep your legs and back fully extended and let hands resting on the ground and the arms are outstretched.
This is an exercise in greater difficulty, therefore, you should take your time. Low slowly looking that your elbows are glued to the body, and once down slowly returns to the starting position.
(If you want to make it a bit harder, do the same exercise but with a raised leg).

6.compresion with ball: lie face up and placed the fitball between your legs. The position where it should be is below your knees.
He squeezed the ball between your legs carrying your thighs closer to each other, and slowly decompress the pressure.
Keep your back strong throughout the entire movement.

Ideally exercises is that you do them slowly, and look good on your breathing: breathe always extend and inhaling when you return to the start position of the exercise.

Our goal? Repeat the exercises 3 times and make each series between 12 to 15 repetitions with a break between 30 and 60 seconds.

And remember… RELAXING TRAINING and up to the coming week!