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The Diving Watches from Seiko

50 Years Of Depth Of Watches From 1,000 To 10,000 Euros Half a century ago Seiko presented the first diving watch. The list of innovations is now long – from the first titanium to the ceramic housing, from the Hi-Beat caliber to the perfect helium sealing. The Japanese are particularly proud of the fact that standards developed by Seiko have […]


5 Exceptional Watches

Freaky Clock Design By Christophe Claret, Mb & F, Hyt & Co. We believe we know what a watch is: a round case, three hands, a dial. But apart from these “normal” clocks, there is a world that opens up completely different perspectives: Seven o’clock, the alarm clock rings. Get up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast and […]


3 Ladies watches with lace

Pure Seduction by Hublot, Roger Dubuis and Cartier Filigree lace is especially known from fashion. Now she is also moving into watch design–with three timepieces that use traditional craftsmanship in a very creative way.