How to Wear the White Shirt

10 tricks to give a ‘twist’ to your favorite garment From left to right: Eva Herzigova, Stella Tennant, Yasmin Le Bon and Nadja Auermann posing before the lens of photographer Peter Lindbergh, for Armani. Through this campaign, the Italian designer pays homage to those garments that over time have become icons of fashion, as the […]

Gardening & Gear

Vintage Barn Wedding in the Butterfly Garden

How beautiful a barn wedding with vintage charm can be fulfilled, Joyce and Euan prove with their romantic wedding celebration in the butterfly garden in Jakobshagen. After the emotional wedding on a nearby open-air meadow, the couple enchanted their guests with a wonderful celebration in the cozy barn.Beautifully decorated with vintage elements, lots of flowers […]


Lifestyle Sunday #70

Hardly to believe the week is already around again and again the Sunday is there. Meanwhile you know what that means, time for the lifestyle Sunday and now for the 70th time. As every Sunday, there are the latest trends and styles, summarized in one article, on a variety of topics. If something should be that you like […]


Tips For Buying Clothes and Shoes Online

It’s increasingly easy to find any type of product on the Internet, doesn’t it? In addition to the huge variety of options, you can make your searches without leaving home. Can also take your questions to the shop or to choose the gift for someone and have them deliver it directly to the person’s House. […]


Vintage Wedding Tips

Modern. Their love started in a chat room! Three months before the relationship evolve and gain space in the (extinct) Orkut. And then … They discovered a mutual friend – the little push to the encounter between Renata de Moraes Ribeiro, 27, and Jose Antonio Miranda, 34.


Vintage Women’s Fashion Trends

The vintage fashion always gives the guys nowadays and are influenced mainly by soap operas that depict the 60 or 70 years. Usually these epochs and styles are portrayed as soon as these are copied by everyone.

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How to Make Your Kitchen Look Vintage

We opt to green water for a range of sweet and milky shades ranging from blue glacier through the straw yellow or pearl gray. Version more sustained, we dare turquoise Californian stores. Note: in applying their ultra-adherent special paint as Gripactiv of V33, you can refresh and update your old furniture of melamine kitchen.