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Intimissimi Shows Us His Summer Hottest Bikinis

The spectacular Katsia Zingarevich repeat one season more like image and the collection summer 2013. The Belarusian model is one of the angels of Victoria’s Secret and not me extranana because it is an explosive woman. Great body, bellezón and over extremely sensual. Katsia thus presents the new summer collection of Intimissimi. Flirty pieces in colors cakes, precise bodices of stripes […]


Mazda Fashion Swimwear

Few days ago who is diffuser of the events in our country fashion, launched a dynamic called “Reporter for a day” what was to publish on our fanpage why do want to cover the event of Mazda Fashión & Design 2012?, once our Editor General Héctor Guzmán read all comments received, was a winner, […]


3 Swimsuits Portuguese Brands That Have to Meet

Meet 3 Portuguese brands of swimsuits that will take you to the beach with a lot of style. Summer was synonymous with bikini, right? Now, the trend has changed and the swimsuits I’m winning more and more fans. Of all the forms, colors and patterns, the supply is increasing and already there are brands that […]


Cold Summer = Bargain Hunting?

So far this summer from a meteorological perspective was a single disaster. Rain, cold days and storm the long-anticipated Sun offered little chance to delight us with their vision. We could barely carry the skimpy summer clothes because of the missing sunlight and now soon fall is coming.


Conservation Tips

The high summer temperatures are ideal for taking out bathrobes from the closet and soaking up the sun on beaches and pools. Contact with chlorine in pool water and sea salt water can damage and fade bikinis, swimsuits and swimwear. Constant washing done without proper care can also compromise the quality of the parts.


The Plots of AndrÉ Ungaratto

The André Ungaratto is a Brazilian fashion designer famous for your craftsmanship with pieces made in crochet and knitting. With Studio and boutique in Serra Negra, already has international recognition for your authenticity on manual labor. His collections are always well documents, taking into account the fashion trends in the mixture of yarns.


Ana Hickmann 2012 Bikini – Photos and Models

The tv presenter and model Ana Hickmann is well known here in Brazil. The story and this woman’s career is long and accompanied by a lot of success. This model has always been regarded as muse and always released many fashion trends with your daily Look, with its accessories and even with the hair color.


Pom Pom In The Summer!

The pom pom adorning clothes and accessories is not big news, except that before was considered something corny or super childish, for some time here has been the must-have in the fashion world! Yes, the goodwill of pom pom or localized applications have become essential items for the coolest summer looks.


Well-Behaved Swimsuits Are High!

Tiny bikini showing all the neck, belly, crotch and much of the butt? It doesn’t belong to you anymore! … Claudia Abreu, Priscila Fantin, Taylor Swift and other famous have appeared in magazines of celebrities wearing swimsuits retro style, with a modern air. This raises the hope that the big brands of popular clothing will […]