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Experts Teach You ato Choose the Ideal Sunglasses

Ophthalmologists are unanimous: poor quality products are more harmful than not protecting themselves Sales of sunglasses are increasing not only because of the summer holidays approaching, but also because of Christmas. According to the director of the Eye Care Hospital of Olhos, in São Paulo, Renato Neves, while the fight against piracy, which accounts for 40% of […]


Spring Sunglasses for Fashion

The previous week we Swedes really got a taste of spring. The Sun has looked out and we have been enjoying the lovely weather. A clear sign of spring and evidence for the lighter and warmer season is all the inspiration images that last week reached the image flow on Instagram.A steady stream of only the ankles […]


Dior Split-the Sunglasses of the Moment!

If there’s one thing every woman loves’s sunglasses! Like it or not, this has always been an item must-have and super the trends of each season, behold, I am presenting the Dior Split! The model of the moment came in the spring/summer collection 2016 , when the Belgian designer, Raff Simons, was still in charge as Creative Director of Dior. This single a […]


Looks of Tomorrowland!

The Festival ended, but today is the day to show all the looks of Tomorrowland 2017! Bet on three different super styles: boho, fantasy and streetwear. After all, we could dare more in music festivals and always like to wear looks that would be more difficult in real life, you know?!

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How to Choose Male Sunglasses

The Brazilian summer is cruel and unforgiving.  In addition to the obligatory sunscreen, anyone who wants to survive the climate of our country should protect the view with a good old sunglasses. However, finding a piece that looks cool and reflects your personality is not such an easy task.

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Sunglasses of Each Sign

Needless to say, every sign has specific personality traits and that this usually has impact on one’s life. Choosing your sunglasses can be a lot easier than you might think. If you follow the most striking features of your sign, you will be able to know which colors and styles are most appropriate and according to your […]

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Men’s Glasses: What’s Right for My Face?

What is the right type of glasses for my face? Today there are a wide variety of models of men’s glasses. Before, the range was wider options for women. But the male vanity made the industry innovate in time to produce glasses for men. Hence, before so many options is always the question: which glasses buy? What is the […]


Top Five: These Must-Haves Belong in Every Handbag

What would be the most beautiful handbag without matching content? Now, find out what you should always find in your favorite it bag. With these practical Must-Haves, you are perfectly equipped for every situation! Ob Bucket Bag or Shopper: Handbags accompany us every day and are much more than just coveted It-Pieces. In fact, the fashion essentials can […]