Lights and Lighting

Bulb Philips GU10 6.5W-65W 460 LED Lm 3000K

Consumption: 6.5W (measured 6.2W-6W) Energy rating: A + Equivalence: 65W Lumens: 460 Color: 3000K Angle: 36 ° Power factor: measured 0.66-0.64 CRI: > 80 Adjustable: No Dimensions: 55 x 50 mm Weight: 51.51 gr Length: 15000 hours (50000 ignitions) Price: €8.95 (dropped €8.60) Origin: Carrefour (China)

Lights and Lighting

Westwing Guide for Aluminum Pendants

Pendants are accessories increasingly used in lighting. Versatile, light and very charming, they give a modern style and elegant to the environments and can be made of diverse materials, ranging from the wicker to the metal or crystal. The aluminum pendants, increasingly applied to interior decoration projects, can be made in their natural color, receive colors, textures […]

Outdoor & Sports

How to Choose a Headlamp?

For a few years now, the headlamp has been very autonomous and has a power that is very limited to the lightings of the powers close to the headlights of cars and the autonomies of several tens of hours. The number of brands and the supply of headlamps is very important but here are some […]

Electronic & Appliances

10-Watt-“Delock” Led Lamp

For less than $6, there was recently an older “DeLOCK”-LED lamp with E27 base, 10 Watt, and around 800 lumen luminous flux. Special: Despite bargain price she should have an exceptionally high color rendering index. If it’s true, I’ve tested in collaboration with a laboratory.