Lights and Lighting

New OLED Technology

O LED technology-the new lighting technology In addition to the LEDs, disseminating them specifically is currently rapidly progressing in lighting technology, and likes to called the future of energy-saving light, research for a long time also works with organic LEDs, the so-called OLEDs. Basically OLEDs can be used as well, such as the inorganic LED […]

Lights and Lighting

Lighting for Fashion and Beauty

HANDLING COLOR Let’s talk again about studio lighting in fashion and beauty photography, but this time emphasizing the manipulation of colors in the creation of a photographic image.Technical and subjective aspects will be part of the demands that we must manage to succeed in producing an essay, be it a book, catalog or editorial.From the technical […]

Lights and Lighting

Westwing Guide for Synthetic Fiber Lamp

We love natural fibers and we value the beauty they bring into the home.However, it is not always possible to use them as we would like conditions of temperature, climate or humidity that create the need for an object or mobile with greater strength and durability. For this there are synthetic fibers. Specially crafted to mimic the […]

Outdoor & Sports

How to Choose a Headlamp?

For a few years now, the headlamp has been very autonomous and has a power that is very limited to the lightings of the powers close to the headlights of cars and the autonomies of several tens of hours. The number of brands and the supply of headlamps is very important but here are some […]

Electronic & Appliances

Know the Different Types of Lamps

Incandescent lamps will no longer be produced and sold Since June 30, 2013, general purpose incandescent bulbs with power ratings between 61 and 100 watts, which do not meet minimum levels of energy efficiency, are no longer produced and imported in Brazil. The restriction is set forth in Administrative Rule No. 1007, of December 31, […]

Electronic & Appliances

Westwing Guide Toled Lighting

Often we do not give due importance to the lighting of our home, but it is responsible for part of the warmth we desire when we get tired of work on Friday night or also the clarity needed when working or cooking. It may not seem like it, but the wrong lighting can hurt our days.