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Experts Teach You ato Choose the Ideal Sunglasses

Ophthalmologists are unanimous: poor quality products are more harmful than not protecting themselves Sales of sunglasses are increasing not only because of the summer holidays approaching, but also because of Christmas. According to the director of the Eye Care Hospital of Olhos, in São Paulo, Renato Neves, while the fight against piracy, which accounts for 40% of […]

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How to Choose Male Sunglasses

The Brazilian summer is cruel and unforgiving.  In addition to the obligatory sunscreen, anyone who wants to survive the climate of our country should protect the view with a good old sunglasses. However, finding a piece that looks cool and reflects your personality is not such an easy task.

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Sunglasses of Each Sign

Needless to say, every sign has specific personality traits and that this usually has impact on one’s life. Choosing your sunglasses can be a lot easier than you might think. If you follow the most striking features of your sign, you will be able to know which colors and styles are most appropriate and according to your […]

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Men’s Glasses: What’s Right for My Face?

What is the right type of glasses for my face? Today there are a wide variety of models of men’s glasses. Before, the range was wider options for women. But the male vanity made the industry innovate in time to produce glasses for men. Hence, before so many options is always the question: which glasses buy? What is the […]


Round Metal, We Love You In All Versions

The thing about this Ray Ban sunglasses is love. Many have cost and have passed from hatred to passion in a matter of weeks, but others relied on it from the first moment and today is theaccessory that can not miss in your wardrobe as a lover of trends and signature Ray Ban: ROUND METAL , we love […]


Fashion Icon Round Glasses

Can you say what is the common ground among John Lennon, Mahatma Gandhi, Janis Joplin, Ozzy Osbourne and Harry Potter? Um … okay, they are all famous, smart. But besides these, they all wear an accessory that came roaring back, and now you know what it is? Well, the answer is the round glasses.

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10 Tips For Choosing Sunglasses

If the purchase of sunglasses should be fun, some tips are needed. Glasses, protection, frames, color… With Doctissimo, discover 10 tips sunglasses for you! 1-Dark glasses they necessarily protect from the sun? Although we often favors mode, certain precautions must be taken before giving in to impulse buying.Attention to be sure of the quality of its […]


Choosing Sports Glasses

Corners and edges or soft curves? Glasses forms tell much about the character–you can change even the type. Therefore: Eyes on when choosing glasses! Which glasses do I get? There is no universal answer to this question. Just as everyone has different characteristics, the shape of the face is different. Angular glasses gives a round face more contour, and vice […]