How did the Necktie Originate

In one form or another men’s tie have been around for centuries. What began with the Chinese warriors and Roman soldiers the story becomes a tie today. Cravats, worn by European gentleman in the 1700’s are closely related to today’s links.


Bridal Gloves – How to Choose

The Main Models Of Gloves–How To Use Them Even today, many women opt for visual fine classic in time to walk down the aisle.To compose this look, brides do not exempt the classic gloves. If you’re getting married and are planning your costume, see what are the main models of gloves and decide if they match […]


Conservation Tips

The high summer temperatures are ideal for taking out bathrobes from the closet and soaking up the sun on beaches and pools. Contact with chlorine in pool water and sea salt water can damage and fade bikinis, swimsuits and swimwear. Constant washing done without proper care can also compromise the quality of the parts.

Kitchen & House

Coating with Modern Wallpapers

The wallpaper is a material used for flooring vertical houses, assigning a touch of personality to the rooms. There are several models of wallpaper available for sale on the market, so it is up to the buyer to choose the version that best matches the style of the decoration.


Women’s Business Pant Suits

He is the classic in the business world and favorite of all businesswomen: the blue suit. Who wants to look serious and professional, reaches for the blue Kombi-whether at the first interview, an appointment with the boss or the boss himself The blue suit is. THE classic.


Wedding Dresses for Bajitas

If you wish to look higher than you are in reality, then you have to see this article from start to finish. So here I’ll give you several tips and tips for styling your figure and wear high the day of your marriage that you can take into account when you buy your wedding dress. […]


Two Woven Dresses -267

Correctly analyze the design of the transformation of the dress template with two fabrics to be able to read correctly. This step is important to understand the basic mold transformation process.This dress has simple design and wears casual and very elegant.