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Clothing for Women’s Sports

On International Women’s Day, it is important to underline the role played by women worldwide in different aspects.Today we will discard them for their great sports and adventurous achievements. In the 19th century, women began to use the bicycle more massively as a means of transport and with it began to overcome the prejudices that […]


What Does it Feel Like to Be a Plus Size Model?

Have you ever dreamed of being role models? they would like to; They could do it And if they were given the option of being plus size models of underwear for a day, would they? I was recently presented with the opportunity and this is the story of something I have never, but seriously NEVER, I thought I would […]


Summer Trend: How to Wear the Bra on Display?

Are you passionate about the trend of the bra on display? US too. Unlike in the old days, how much of the women hid their underwear, the fashion now is to reveal the bra and all its details. Be it strips, lace or small applications, which should show your power and value your looks.


Milan Fashion Week: Prada Runway Report

Once you lie down and digest, you always like to say after a Prada fashion show. But it does not work during a Milanese fashion. So now there are already undigested thoughts on Miuccia Prada’s summer collection for 2014, which began last night with exhibition catalogues on our seats. It presented the mural artists who […]


True Love: the Bra that Only Opens

How about a bra that can test for”true love”?  Because he is already exists and an app for that. And of course, a bra as the Japanese lingerie manufacturer Ravijour who developed a True Love Test”(test of true love) to celebrate the birthday of the company. 


Strappy Bra: Do You Know What It Is?

What Is Bra Strappy Bra? With the bra strappy bra (“strip bra” in good Portuguese), hiding the bra, or appealing to transparent silicone strips is a thing of the past. This is because its several straps are mounted precisely so that they are on display, giving even more personality to your look, without seeming vulgar.  Strategically positioned on […]


Women Do Not Wear Lingerie Given by Partner

A study by the lingerie brand Fox & Rose, released by the site Female First, points out that one in five women has never used the items won by the partners. Only 23% admitted to using the gift, but only occasionally. Pieces in the wrong number or inadequate are the main reasons for dissatisfaction with the present. Sixty […]


Top 3 Ideal Bra Models Will Take That Down

Greatly demanded to be worn with dresses and v-neck blouses – or even without them – the bra will take that each has become, increasingly, an indispensable item in the ladies’ wardrobe. Check out the tips we have prepared to find the right bra model for you. We are sure that by the end of the reading […]