TAG Heuer, The First Swiss Manufacturer of Luxury Watches to Bet for Android Wear

Luxury watches become Android Wear. So just know after the Swiss manufacturer of high-end watches TAG Heuer has announced an agreement with Intel and Google to enter the market of watches smart with some devices will be manufactured by them, but using Intel processors and software of the company of the search engine.

During this 2015 we’ve been seeing a spectacular evolution in finishes of Android Wear devices, which are getting from being simple pieces of plastic to become excellent metal parts increasingly similar to the usual timekeepers. With the emergence of TAG Heuer, this type of device they reach a new dimension.

A powerful partnership: @google @intel #smartwatch our site/akXwWid2pJ our site/sr9j949L8I

— TAG Heuer (@TAGHeuer) March 19, 2015

None of the companies wanted to give data on the hardware, the appearance or the first fruit of this union made watches prices, but as reported a few hours ago our colleagues of Engadget, one of them could be an exact replica of the TAG Heuer Carerra whose photo accompanies this article.

With this move TAG Heuer also become the first manufacturer of Android Wear that break the hegemony of the processors of Qualcomm and decide to go for the Intel, that so far had failed to make too much noise within the sector of the wearables.

This announcement also confirms the trend that smart high-end watches they will be ever more present in the market, and surely this is not the last ad of this type that we see during the year. Would be you willing to pay more than thousand euros by one?