Table Lamp with Digital Frame

I have already said on other occasions that I’m not very fan of digital frames, but the truth is that the object that I bring you today arouses my curiosity. It’s one table lamp in which is embedded a digital frame call Tao 84000.

In a single object we have the lighting of a corner of the House and our latest holiday photos thanks to the 3.5 inch touch screen LCD. The frame’s memory is 128 MB for which fit inside a 1500 pictures with a resolution of approximately 720 × 486. That Yes, to introduce the pictures are going to need a USB since it has no memory card slot.

The the lamp body is black so you highlight more the screen, while the bottom and the top are in chrome so it looks attached quite well to all kinds of rather modern environments. According to hetongdiy, this lamp incorporates an alarm clock and a clock, so if you don’t block for salon always you can put it on your bedside table.

As I said at the beginning of the post, I just do not convince me, but here I leave if you need gift ideas at Christmas. The price is around 115 euros, so does not come out as expensive compared to a digital frame simple.