T-Shirts, Tips For Optimizing Costs

We have already talked about the importance of merchandising in your promotional strategy (shirts, bags, etc.).Merchandising can be an important source of income for your band on one side and on the other a very powerful promotion tool since every fan that puts on your shirt will be promoting you indirectly.Whether you want to sell them online, or want to sell them at your concerts, shirts are an indispensable element to earn money and reach more followers.

Now, how can you optimize your t-shirt or bag run?

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when preparing t-shirts or bags for your group:

– Take advantage of the surface: It costs the same to print a large logo that small.You can print up to a size equivalent to an A3.

– Less is more: It is more effective, more elegant, cleaner and much cheaper to print a logo to 1 ink than to print the image of the cover of your album for example.

– Make bigger rolls: It is much cheaper to make 100 shirts than two runs of 50 shirts.Think later you can choose colors and sizes to your liking within the order.

Within the merchandising, the short sleeve t-shirts with the printed group logo are the star product.You can choose between printing a logo printed in 1 ink or several inks.Or you can customize the front and back, or sleeves.It all depends on your imagination!

We have a great variety of high quality products, all customizable according to your needs through various printing techniques.If you have something in your head that you do not see on the web, do not hesitate to contact us.We can make sweatshirts with or without hood, poles, key rings, etc … You put the ideas, we materialize them.

Take advantage of this month to manufacture your merchandising!You can write to our site for any question or doubt.