Swimwear According To Your Body Type

Summer came and with it, the choice of the swimsuit or bikini.

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Choose the best according to your body type and skin color!. The purchase does not have to be a nightmare if you know what you are looking for to enhance your attributes and minimize your defects. Know your body type and choose swimwear that benefits it is one of things easier to feel better with you in the beach, in the swimming pool, etc…

Body type
The shape of your body is essential so that you choose a swimsuit’s agreement to it. This is why we give you to know which style is best, according to the different types of body.

Waist and the shoulders are narrower than the hip. Your bathing suit must be smooth on the bottom and with a print on the top, cushioned the strapless and models also are well. Avoid the wide straps and necklines at the back.

The shoulders and hips are the same size and the waist is narrowest. This body all bikinis models favor him and swimsuits, especially those who have printed at the bottom according to Cancermatters.

Hip, waist and shoulders have virtually the same measure. In this case the ideal are the strapless top and the low waist bottom, to create the illusion of a curvaceous silhouette.

Inverted triangle
Shoulders measure more than the waist and hip. Clothes that you favor are the lower curtain, with strips to the sides and wide straps at the top, you never use narrow straps.

The width of the waist is higher than the shoulders and hip. The bottom of your suit must have a dark color and higher on the sides, since this gives the impression of a narrower silhouette.

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Skin color

Skin color also plays a fundamental role, since the colors you choose should be in accordance with it.

Skin color
Blue, orange colors are perfect, which should not be used are dark like coffee and black tones.

For this type of skin, yellow and light green colours are also ideal, light colors and pastel tones are good. We must prevent the beige tones.

Colors that are better are dark, like black and blue and the intense red and wine, those who do not favor you are light colors and pastels.

If you have this type of skin your colors are dark, especially the violet and red, avoids completely the prints that dominate the light colors and any shade of yellow.

White skin (redheads)
The colors of your costume should be dark, environments, blue, red and wine, leaves completely aside tones cake and orange range.

After all these tips I hope as always your comments and to the next.