Swimming For Children, Leisure Or Obligation?

Throughout my experience as an instructor of swimming I have seen many and very different situations with children that go to swimming lessons. It is a subject which at this time brings the head to many parents who doubt if they must treat it as entertainment or obligation. I hope, despite not being a specialist in psychology and base me simply on my experience, my tips serve them help to deal with it in the best possible way.

Any activity can occur that the child says that he doesn’t want to go, for fear of the unknown, despite not having tested. It is necessary to explain to children who checked if you like it or not an activity once gone several days, long enough to get ease and not feel awkward and also meet the other students.

In the case of swimming the situation worsens already which is practiced in a different medium, water, causing them more afraid. The discussion with your child causes you many more doubts about how to act because you are also aware that know how to swim is something that can save your life in certain circumstances.

Perhaps it sounds radical but it is really important. Think of how many people from your around you know what to do or he could act if you see someone drowning. We try to educate children by making them responsible and independent, so that they have security at all levels. Something that certainly gives to know how to swim.

It may occur that you accept to go to classes, you will still have bad days (especially the first), which does not want to go, do not want to swim, cry, etc. In the workshops there are specialized instructors that will treat each case in the best way. Even if a child does not want to swim, you can be seeing how do them their peers. So it won’t be a hard time that condition for not going to class the next day and may end up getting into the dynamic to see other children enjoy and learn.

If despite having assisted you want to change the sport no worry even if you have failed to learn how to swim properly.The important thing is that you have caught with medium trust. Summer after summer in the pool or the sea will catch more ease and will be enough to let you know to defend themselves in the water.

Otherwise it will be to accept in any way go to classes. To the imposition of fear must not insist too because create you a sense of obligation to increase his frustration.

As in all, each child has a character and personality which will govern their tastes and hobbies. My advice is that if you decide to not continue taking it to swimming, you have regardless of whether acted rightly or not (no one is taught or is an easy task) include the pool in your everyday family activities. It is much better if you take it from baby.

Why do children not have fear the first time they visit a grocery store or a park? Because they are in a situation that receive normally and no stress, no one asks them if they want to, not given this importance.

Here are a couple of tips to carry out this custom:

-Visit the pool several times a month, for example the weekend as a leisure activity, respecting the rhythms that mark the small. It is not necessary that you get into water. Explain that your you’re going to swim and which can be left out (always with someone taking care of it).

-When you want to enter the water, start slowly. First that a little wet feet, play splash, etc. It is not necessary that you putfloat or sleeves. To start it is best that you caught yourself, you will have more security and therefore more fun.

Will be gradually dropping, as it grows you will see that other people are involved to a greater or lesser extent in the water and will not identify it as a threat. Do not get discouraged, be patient and ask you how you are feeling.

Long ago we published an entry on the first day of a small pool, you don’t read it to take advantage of all the tips that you can serve.

If you identify yourself with this issue, we encourage you to share your experience with other readers, so everyone will learn something more, and good luck! with your little swimmer

Until the next post!