Sweaters for the Next Season Are Oversized and Voluminous

Volume and warm sweaters are hit over the past two winters. So-called oversize models are ideal for cold days while you warm the and give you a stylish look. How to wear voluminous sweater – here’s our advice?

How to wear voluminous sweater?

Rules Cumbersome Sweaters

Sweaters with wide cut and length that covers the waist and part of the hips, occur as oversize sweaters. Favorites are any, because they are efficient, stylish, and at the same time provide you with a warm embrace for cold days and offer a variety of combinations.

Many women worry that they do not look feminine enough as bulky sweaters do not emphasize the curves so well. The truth is that as long as you combine them with the right clothes and accessories, they can also deliver you carelessly broadcast in Bohol or romantic notes.

Volume sweater with a straight arm or closed model, combined with boots with high heels, look no less sexy than other fashion combinations.

The good news is that the market offers models with different weaves and colors. When it comes to choosing the color of the sweater volume, we advise you to select neutral-creamy, caramel, beige, white, black, gray. The reason is that it is easier to combine with the lower part of clothing. However, if most of your jeans and pants are the darker shades, then emphasize surround a sweater in bright pink or red, for example.

Depending on how you set wave can combine both volume sweater with sneakers and boots with ankle boots to knee boots or high heels.

Ideas on How to Carry Voluminous Sweater

With jeans or leggings: The most popular combination is voluminous sweater and leggings or jeans. It’s nice bottom of your outfit is firmer and follows the curves of your body or to just straight and simple cut – thus creating balance.

If you choose to combine the volumetric sweater with jeans, bet on the skinny model type or boyfriend. The wedge is even permissible option if voluminous sweater reaches the middle of your thighs.

With shirt: With this combination can turn the volume sweater as part of a business wardrobe. It can also use it as a coat during the cold autumn days. For a more casual look bet on denim shirt and more professional-a classic white shirt.

On the floor: Interesting and neat combination between this volume sweater and mini skirt. If the sweater is wider and covers part of your hips, then bet on the sex of a straight cut. If you is short sweater or simply reach your waist, then you can combine it with a flared skirt.

Volume Sweater and Accessories

You must be careful with the accessories when wearing voluminous sweater. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum – is one clock enough or thin bracelet. The scarf is questionable – it depends on whether you’ve chosen volume turtleneck sweater – then it is taboo. The belt can help to emphasize the waist and change the silhouette. Bulk bag or large envelope will always benefit you.