Suitcase Or Backpack to Go Travel: How to Prepare and What to Bring

Time out travel and not know if travelling with suitcase or backpack. We help you to choose according to your trip and give you our tips on what carry the suitcase/backpack and how prepare it. That anything not forget at home.

There are who shuns knapsacks as plague so not be called backpacking, as if by the fact already carry a backpack to be part of a group with many features. Others do not want to not touch a suitcase because they think that that is tourist, he goes but does not live, of the viewer but you don’t see, as if wanting to take advantage of the convenience of wheels and not to punish your back now you are a pariah, a squat of buses who cannot travel.

For now, we who carry backpack but only because find it us more comfortable. Our kind of trip tends to be quite moved, every day on a site, with a plane, a bus, a car… with stairs in the metro or careers because a train is going. A suitcase does not ease of movement that gives a backpack, but that does not make us backpackers. When the trip requires another way of moving or other type of clothing we also use the suitcase.

Suitcase or backpack for your trips?

How to choose if bringing suitcase or backpack for your trip? The questions you need to ask yourself are: how long will I have to carry my baggage? and, above all, on what conditions?

Vs backpack suitcase: how long will I have to carry my baggage?

While you carry your baggage depends on the amount of displacement during the journey and the journey to the first and the last destination. If the trip is to a single destination – is the duration that is – or if you travel during the trip are you not who will take care of moving your luggage, easy access to clothing offering the suitcase will give you an advantage. If every day you will have to change city carrying your luggage from one place to another, transportability of the backpack is that looms.

Vs backpack suitcase: ¿in what conditions transports my luggage?

Raising and lowering train, walk down a city, get off and climb the stairs of the subway… or a way of Earth or gravel, are complicated to take situations out pulling a suitcase by many wheels you have and your backpack will be your biggest ally. Taxis, buses or airplanes are friends and luggage – backpacks.

Other conditions to consider are those of clothes. It is virtually impossible to bring something into a backpack and that not wrinkling like a raisin. If you have to wear a suit, some shirts, a party clothes… the suitcase wins by a landslide. On the other hand, if you need a mosquito net, a sleeping bag and a towel… rarely will see out this suitcase luggage.

One factor is more noise: the annoying creak – fireworks from the wheels of the suitcase on the tarmac or in the sidewalks of cities. It can be that you’ve read that they would charge a fee to carry suitcases as well by the city of canals in Venice . It is false, but when the river sounds…

Travel backpack

We usually use backpacks to travel and, for this reason, we have dedicated this entire article: from what put the backpack to how to choose most suitable for each trip, how to fill it out.


What size must have a suitcase? Which you need. It’s simple. Unlike backpacks, suitcase will be shooting most of the time and you will only rarely need to resort to force to lift it off the ground. In any case, my advice is never take a suitcase that you can not handle. Normally it will be matter of weight, but also by volume. This will raise an exception: If you are moving you can make is missing that you carry a nearly unmanageable suitcase… But how many that are seen in airports unable to move suitcases carrying the zillions are really moving?

In addition to being able to handle your suitcase, should take into account that not everything is allowed on a plane or at the time of billing. The maximum measures, as well as the weight, vary from company to company. A suitcase to check maximum weight is 23 kg (50 lbs), although on intercontinental flights and in categories business will reach 32 kg. In terms of the measured maximum from luggage to check in, speak of 158 cm (Yes, it’s rare, and there is no easy correspondence with feet or inches) higher than wider longer.

These values vary depending on the flight and the type of ticket, by which almost all companies have a tool that informs you of the permitted maximum to enter your ticket details. The most advisable is to consult it before arriving at the airport because the excess baggage charges may exceed the price of the plane ticket.

With respect to other means of transport, such as buses or trains, there is, in principle, restrictions of size or weight to your luggage, provided that they fit in the trunks or they can be placed inside the car without impeding the passage.

In regards to comfort: always with wheels, with four wheels. In regards to safety: always rigid. Would you like to carry a suitcase of fabric? For that, it carries a backpack.

Once you have decided, we recommend to take a look at the online stores to compare prices, backpacks are not exactly cheap… Here you leave the link to Amazon where you can see the best backpacks for travel and their prices.

Prepare the suitcase for your holidays: what to bring (list) and how to do suitcase

The list of things to carry in your suitcase (or what not to forget, if you prefer) looks much – will is identical – to our list of things to carry in your backpack, to dealing with things that for the most part are in hand luggage. As is the case with large backpacks, in the suitcases gets clothes, footwear and few more things.

What does change is the way to prepare the suitcase, although there are things that are very similar. If, in the case of the backpack, the heavier elements must be in the part below to stabilize, in the case of the suitcase is the same: should go just above the wheels for the same reason. The rest may be placed in layers so that it is stretched. If there is something we don’t want to have the mark of fold – a coat, a dress, etc. – can be other elements such as shirts between the bent sides so that is not a brand.

Underwear, socks, belts and other small parts, must fill the hollow to avoid that, once placed in a vertical position, inside clothing moves down and crushing.

Hand luggage

Take the type of baggage that you carry, either suitcase or backpack, almost always carry hand luggage. That in which meter technology, important papers, or things that you don’t want you separate for the reason that is. We wrote an entry on hand luggage at the time, because you also have to know how to Choose and what can be and what not to wear inside.

What to do if you lose or steal your suitcase or Backpack: insurance and claims

If you have a problem with the luggage on the plane: delay, loss or damage, you have the right to claim compensation from the airline .

In the same way, if you steal something, you can give part to your travel insurance (if you have not decided by any or thought not to do so, you have a 5% discount with IATI if you do it from the link) and receive appropriate compensation.