Suggestions and Ideas for Halloween Decorating

Make home decorations for Halloween without spending a lot of

The Halloween, celebrated on day 31 of October, is a cultural celebration of Celtic origin, in which the people of the British Isles, afraid of ghosts and demons in the All Saints’ day, in 1st November, created the Halloween, the day before. The scary figures, masks, are a way to scare away the evil spirits and a symbolism of the concern of a people with curses that would ruin their crops. The occupation of Europe made the pagan peoples spread the celebration, became a tradition.

Currently, Halloween has little to do with its origin, but it is an important moment and traditional, especially in English-speaking countries. Among the countries that celebrate, include the United States, where the party was popularized. However, despite the cultural distance, Halloween, as it is known in Brazil, Halloween has been gaining more and more followers, anyway never hurts to get together with friends and have fun. For those who somehow will celebrate Halloween, theme parties, costume parties or small meetings, which are not lacking inspirations for decoration.


As for any decoration, it is necessary to have a range of colors in mind to send instantly to decorating theme you want. In the case of Halloween, the most typical colors are orange, yellow, white and black. Other colors that also refer to the idea of the party are purple, lime green, blood red and dark blue, in addition to variations in earth tones such as brown.

The more classic color palette for the Halloween is composed of light orange, dark orange, black and purple. However, you can decorate according to your taste and with the materials available. The main goal of the Halloween decoration is expressing something darker and scary and the colors need to express it.

Tips on Halloween Decorations Home

Although there are many specialty stores with thematic articles, you don’t need to spend a lot to create a unique and fun decor.

  • Balloons are present in practically every party and a celebration of Halloween doesn’t have to be different: you can use themed balloons with drawings of skulls and scary faces or ordinary balloons in the colors of the decor. Decorate each bladder is optional and can be made with pens.
  • Christmas lamps can be reused on day 31 of October: you can make paths for the environment with Christmas lights, especially the yellowish or colored. The lamps can also be used in the decoration itself, as in table, in jars or other objects.
  • One of the easiest ways to get a Halloween decoration is using sheets or white cloths to refer to the idea of ghosts. You can hang around the house and make small holes in the eyes, so how can cover chairs and tables with white sheets and towels, giving an idea of place abandoned and ghostly too.
  • If you have patience and minimal ability to craft, you can create small bats of cardboard, plastic bottles or even egg boxes painted black, using nylon wire to hang them. You can also create small mice or spiders of cloth, ensuring the fright and fun.
  • Another idea is to use transparent or translucent plastic gallons to draw scary facial expressions. Then, just put small bulbs inside the container and light. In the same vein, candles in jars or glasses go to table, complementing the decor and lighting.
  • Imagine if all objects have eyes, spying on everything and everyone. This is possible if you make small shelf white eyes and painted black to paste in the most diverse objects where the party will take place. For an even better result, make pairs of eyes with different expressions, different formats and types.
  • Use TNT white shredded by places makes it look like there are cobwebs everywhere. Hospital tracks that you don’t use arranged by location also give a touch scary, referring the mummies all over the place.
  • Skulls are also a classic Halloween and can be provided on stickers on the wall the plastic or acrylic objects. You can also order skulls of knitting and crochet or serve drinks with small skulls made of ice.
  • If it’s Halloween, you can use brooms, mainly of straw, to post instantly to the celebration. Tulle in colors black and purple, as well as hats and long beak, will remember your guests about the theme of the party.
  • Although it is little used in Brazil, the best-known American Halloween decoration fireworks are the carved pumpkins. With a reasonable size pumpkin, you can carve it as you want and then just put lights inside her to design the design.

So, all it takes is a little creativity, time and patience to create a decor that will leave everyone with your mouth open – and it’s not going to be afraid. Celebrate Halloween too and enjoy.