Strellson Sportswear-Fall/Winter Collection

In my Lookbooks Roundup #3-Autumn/Winter 2014 contribution you could already take a look at the upcoming collections of different labels and brands. In today ‘s article, I would like to take a closer look at the current Strellson Sportswear-Fall/Winter collection 2014, as it has already touched me a lot and there are some nice clothes that I like.

Before I take a look at selected looks of the new collection, I would like to lose a few words about Strellson. Because personally, I find it important that you know who you buy your clothes from and who is actually behind the brand. Behind the Strellson brand stands Strellson AG, which was founded in 1984, after which the Holy Brothers founded the Kreuzlinger Mantelfabrik Friedrich Straehl & CO. Bought it and converted it into the Strellson AG. Strellson as a brand, as we know it today, arose in the same year.

Only 19 years after the brand was founded, in 2003, the popularity of this brand increased considerably. Responsible for this was the launch of the “Swiss Cross Jacket”, which was only published in a limited edition and was made from old military blankets. As a result of the success, Strellson first launched his own sportswear label Swiss Cross, which later became the line Strellson Sportswear.

This line worked together with the pop art artist Mel Ramos in 2009 and 2011, as well as with the cycling team Bianchi in the years 2011 and 2014. In 2011 the first flagship store of the Strellson brand was opened in Düsseldorf. In general, the Strellson collections are aimed at young men, so their products are mainly made up of suits, trousers, shirts, sweaters, bags and shoes.

To show the strength, to accept the challenges and always be active: this is the lifestyle of the New Global Generation. Always in action and always on the road. Men who see a new adventure every day. They live according to their own rules and go their way to the end.

With this text, Strellson, on their website, agrees to the new sportswear collection, which I would now like to introduce you a little more precisely. It starts with my look at four looks of the current Fall / Winter collection 2014. Here I show you always a photo of the respective look and then go on the different clothes.For the better allocation for you I use the name from the online shop at the beginning of each new look, so that you also find it there again.
The Sportswear Look 2 is quite conservative in color and is limited to a combination of black, gray and white colors. In my opinion, this is a classic, casual everyday outfit, with which one is not exactly noticeable, but by the clever combination of the garments also not in the mass goes down.

The jeans jacket Cobain in black is made of stretch denim, with a firm grip of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. The cut of the jacket is loosely held, but this can be carried completely closed thanks to a continuous button strip. The collar of the jeans jacket impresses with a surface in leather look, which also continues with the two attached chest and side pockets. The wide-adjustable sleeves and hem panels ensure that the jacket is comfortable to wear.

Under the jeans jacket the model carries the shirt Jesco, which comes black / white plaid. This is made of 100% soft flannel cotton.The cut of the shirt is slightly waisted, the Kent collar also slightly reinforced. The shirt comes with a continuous, smooth push button panel, which allows the shirt to be worn closed or partially open, as seen on the look photo. The two attached breast pockets come with flap, cell fold and push button. The cuffs and sleeves of the shirt are each equipped with a button. Fits well with a leather jacket and boots.

Underneath the shirt is worn a T-shirt Tefik in white and a print on the front. Pate for the print is a song of a legendary heavy metal band. The shirt is made of lightweight jersey made of 100% cotton.The cut is quite loose, as is usual with most shirts. The round neckline comes with a wide cuffs. All in all, a relatively simple shirt, which nevertheless contributes to the casual appearance of the look. Can be worn in the summer, also without a shirt.

At the pants, Strellson puts on a jeans Hammett in black. This is also like the jeansjacke cobaun made of stretch denim with a stronger handle made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. From the fit comes the jeans with a narrow cut with straight leg therefore. From the design point of view, it has a five-pocket style, two pockets, a coin pocket and two attached pockets, which are closed with a concealed button strip and logo button. Subdued mustache folds on the pockets loosen the appearance of the jeans a bit. In my opinion, this can be worn well to dark boots and should be combined with a light shirt or shirt to ensure a certain contrast.
The second look, which I would like to introduce you, comes a little more colorful and loosely therefore. You can find this at Strellson about the designation Sportswear Look 5 in the online shop again.In my opinion, the first look was to arrange more in the summer, with look number two one is orientated now slowly but surely in the direction of autumn.

The heart of the look is certainly the stylish reversing code in royal blue/gray. Which as the name already betrays can be worn on both sides to the outside. I like the jacket with the glowing Royal blue to the outside better than with clean gray. But is certainly taste. The outer fabric is made of 100% polyamide, 20% of the jacket is made of 100% polyamide, the lining of the jacket consists of 60% polyethylene and 40% polyrethane. When filling, use is made on a clean, antiallergic and ultra-light, insulating Iso Cloud 500 filling.

The jacket is relatively versatile thanks to the turning function and can therefore be combined with a wide range of clothing. It is closed with a full-length zipper, a large, lined hood keeps you dry on a rainy day. On the blue side there are two very large slanted zipper pockets, but on the gray side you can find two perforated pockets with press studs. The hem and the sleeve ends are elastic and thus close the jacket well to the outside.

Under the reversing jacket is a casual longsleeve Tarun in white as well as a skull print worn on the front. This has certainly not straight Basic character, but sets cool statements to denim and co and fits in my opinion well to the remaining items shown here. Like the T-shirt from the first look, the long-sleeved jersey is made of 100% cotton. The cut is also loose, the round neckline comes with an open edge, as well as sleeve ends and hem.

The end of the Sportswear Look 5 is the jeans Farrell, which comes with a straight cut, restrained details and in a clean raw look in deep indigo. Made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, these mid-denim pants are made of raw look. In contrast to the jeans Hammett the cut in REGULAR FIT is comfortably cut and has straight legs. Closes the jeans with zipper and button. The five-pocket style with two pockets, a coin pocket and two attached pockets are also used in these jeans.
Now we come to the Sportswear Look 8, my favorite look from the current collection. This is because of the clever combination of a stylish leather jacket, in combination with an interesting long-sleeved shirt and a good-looking jeans. What more could you want?

Similar to the aforementioned look, the jacket is also the heart of the look. Strellson uses a leatherjacke stage in a strong dark brown.This was made from soft, oiled lamb nappa. From the fit you have put on a loose cut here, the jacket can be closed over the continuous button strip. A classic collar, as one knows it from most Lederjacken, is also at the stage duty. Two breast pockets with flap and button as well as two side pockets, which can be closed with a zipper, provide enough storage space. The inner lining of the jacket is plaid and loosens its appearance a little. I especially like the two inside pockets with zipper or button. Seems a real place miracle to be this jacket, right?

The Longsleeve Tomo, mottled with an “S” as a print-as for my first name-is worn casually under the leather jacket. This is made of single jersey in mottled optics made of 100% cotton. It comes with a loose cut and a round neckline with fine ribbed cuffs.Contrast-colored seams contribute to the casual appearance of the long sleeve. Both on the front and on the back is a printed print. I like the sleeve quite well, especially the color differs from the standard colors, which one in the Kaufhäusern looks a little and thus falls positively.

With this look, a stylish jeans complete the entire look. The jeans are made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. The cut is here SLIM FIT whereby the legs become narrower. The trousers are closed with a concealed button strip and logo button. The five-pocket style is also used, as in the two jeans before. The appearance of the jeans Robin is loosened by mustache wrinkles on the pockets as well as hip wash effects. Definitely a pair of jeans, which can be combined with a shirt and fine men’s shoes.
The end of my presentation of the new Strellson Sportswear-Fall/Winter collection 2014 is the Sportwear Look 11, which looks like the look of a leather jacket as the centerpiece of the look. The casual jeans can not be missed, of course, but also more.

At the heart of the look is the leather jacket Dicks in Cognac, which gives the outfit a sporty casual look. The casual biker cut is emphasized by various details, such as shoulder flaps and near details. Personally, I like this leather jacket from the overall appearance still a tick better than the one from the sportswear look 8. In the upper material you put on this jacket on softes lammnappa with wax finish for a light vintage effect, the lining comes therefore twofold. The contrasting color of the t-shirt is 64% cotton and 26% polyamide.

The cut of the leatherjacket is slightly waisted, the wide stand-up collar comes with a wide adjustable bar. Two zip pockets with frame quilting, as well as a vertical pocket at the chest height offers here again a little space. The sleeve ends are adjustable. Otherwise the jacket reminds, as already mentioned, of a classic biker jacket, which is definitely not bad.

With this look, you will not find a shirt, longsleeve or similar under the jacket this season, but a warming sweater for the season. To be precise, the Serafino sweater Nevio in indigo from light knit with dyeing effects from 100% cotton. The cut is deliberately kept loose.A round neckline with attached cuffs as well as a short Serafino button strip and raised shoulder seams add to the casual style of the sweater. The sleeve ends come with an embroidered cuff with a color gradient. Looks really comfortable from this sweater, in my opinion exactly the right for dreary, gloomy autumn and winter days.

Strellson describes the jeans Farrell in my opinion already quite well. This does not come later, but quite suitable for casual Friday therefore. So the jeans put on a modern royal blue, washing effects and discreet mustache folds. Made of light denim in Broken-Twill look made of 100% cotton. The fit is described as a REGULAR-COMFORT FIT with a comfortable straight leg.

As you can see, the current Strellson Sportswear-Fall/Winter collection 2014 impressed me. How does it look with you, are there also a few clothes with you, which you like? Further information about the Strellson Sportswear collection can be found here.

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