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Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Reviews

A perfect seal

An insulated mug should meet two things: one to keep and preserve the warmth of drinks (hot or cold) it contains and be perfectly waterproof. This product has the advantage to respect these two points. This mug Thermos 123146 T managed to keep the warmth of a hot drink for a maximum duration of 5 h or more for very hot drinks, which makes it very effective practically speaking. A hot beverage filled the morning remains hot until the end of the morning. For cold drinks, the temperature can be maintained up to 9 hours of time. Moreover, once the mug is closed, it proves a real seal. You can place it in your bag, once the lid is closed, without risking to see then the drink flowing on your business or records. This perfect sealing is a great bonus for this product because the latter allows a very convenient for travel use or for trips to the office.

Mug stainless

Thermos provides us with this model, a stainless steel mug that manages to keep the heat without for as much you burn hands. Stainless steel does not damage nor does the drink contained inside and keep the heat perfectly. Anyone looking for a practical container will be able to find in this model, the best insulated mug that the inner surface is insulated by a double wall of air empty to avoid transmitting the heat on the outside wall. The whole gives a design end and beautiful to see. The capacity of the device is 47 CL, which is a decent capacity equivalent to almost two glasses.

Easy opening and closing

Like thermos vacuum insulated travel mug, thermos 123146 T are the insulated mugs with a system of opening and closing very simple and practical to use. Simply to operate a small wheel Open/Close to do this. Here, everything is identical to its water-resistance, the drink is not too shaken and don’t leak not on opening. You are guaranteed to stay always clean with this insulated mug.

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