Spring Sunglasses for Fashion

The previous week we Swedes really got a taste of spring. The Sun has looked out and we have been enjoying the lovely weather. A clear sign of spring and evidence for the lighter and warmer season is all the inspiration images that last week reached the image flow on Instagram.A steady stream of only the ankles in tassel-and stringloafers and as a celebration of spring and brighter times becomes today’s theme here at Manolo spring sunglasses.

Just sunglasses is one that gives many of us an urgent need to buy new when the first Spring Sun looking forward.

One of the tanks with today’s text is to give you inspiration and help to find stylish sunglasses by presenting a timeless range of models we love a little extra. This is so that you will hopefully not in March next year feel a growing need to invest in something new. We advocate instead a classic model and of high quality so that you, the customer, first feel they stylistically can come along for a while and that part is of such good quality that they can handle a number of seasons without any problems.

Certainly there are trends for sunglasses, too, no doubt. We are grateful that the last few seasons have seen a clear retrotrend where classic models been raised or updated so that supply is now greater than ever for those who prefer a classic style. We have chosen to highlight some smaller models in 50-or 60-tals stuk and preferably in a rounded shape. Also part of the now iconic models from the 80 ‘s seems really interesting today from a timeless and classical perspective. We do not like to stand with pointer in hand, and say what’s wrong but oversized models or those with clear logos clearly feels less interesting.

Also on offer from the major fashion houses we leave that for someone else, with a few exceptions. Because we try to be relatively consistent to Manolo and highlights the specialists in various segments, we choose to do the same when it comes to sunglasses manufacturer. We believe that to get the most out of choosing a pair of sunglasses from a company who are experts in this particular. That is to say, where you don’t have to pay a premium for a name brand or excessive marketing. We have chosen this time not highlight Rayban and Persol already well-known for the benefit of others, some less known quality manufacturers. For example, Ray-Ban, Persol delivers great and iconic sunglasses, however, there is no doubt.

We prefer instead to highlight brands that Garrett Leight, Cutler & Gross, Oliver Peoples, Epos Milan, Moscot and Bob Sdrunk. These manufactures all only sunglasses and optical glasses and meets all the criteria we prefer via Elishui. Several of the models we have selected come from the well-stocked internet store out site that has a really good selection of sunglasses.

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