Spring Nail Art 2014

Finally begin to see more colors and nuances in perfume evoking the arrival of spring, in fact there are tons of companies that have already released their own make-up collection, but that on which we focus today are the glazes and all the brands for proposals this spring 2014.

Once the spring was time to just pastel colors, while the summer was dedicated to the fluorescent colors and eccentric, this is no longer so, and every brand launches its own idea of the spring according to the tendencies of the current season.

What are the Spring 2014 enamels? This year we definitely pastel colors, but at the same time we see strong main colors, dark and even soft and delicate, to please women of all ages and styles.

The common denominator of many collections of spring enamels is the presence, in some cases, of a glaze nude, must of the season, such as the one we find in Spicy of Yves Saint Laurent.

The French fashion house has created 6 new colors of which 2 are naked, one light and one dark as ideal for women of color or mulatto, or simply for those long summer tans. While the remaining colors are a riot of ‘heat’ because the shades are all hot, like the yellow strongly orange ocher and red intense, which is accompanied with a d ‘leaves top coat gold (price € 21.50).

Different is instead the idea of spring Chanel, with its enamels Ballerina, Charivari and Tapage we have already got to know in detail.

Dior sees bright and pastel colors at the same time, with the enamel Perlè, iridescent pink, and a blue sky, an orange coral and a lively fuchsia, we can find in the collection Trianon (price € 21).

A perfect set of crayons is the collection proposed by ciate with Doll House. 5 pastel shades ranging from lilac, to peach, mint green and beige and white of course. All colors are contained in a very cute mini box set (price € 20).

Very wide is the line of spring 2014 enamels Brazil of Opi that with 12 enamel embraces all shades more requests for enamels that we have deepened in this article.

Most essential are the glazes Guerlain and Lancome who thought of launching 3 colors each, only one of which is more pronounced the other 2 are more subdued tones. Coral red, taupe and ice for Meteorite Blossom by Guerlain and fuchsia, white and taupe in French manicure by Whitehallmakeup.

Finally he could not miss the touch of Essie, with the collection Resort, which inserts a blue and a blue sky, along with a peach and a light gray shimmer for a manicure elegant.

All these novelties are sold in perfume shops that distribute brand, unfortunately, some brands are not found in all chains (like ciate, Essie, Opi..). The Sephora perfume but hold them all, so you can play it safe! If there are no stores near you, you can also buy online, I often purchased from their site, and I found myself very well and regularly make the great discounts that are not found in perfumeries, here you can see all glazes, browsing our site you’ll also find new makeup preview and balances!

Among all the most popular glazes of this Spring 2014 which excites you the most?

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