Sports Jackets Style

Looking for a jacket to the sporty look, but who can take you on the roads throughout the year? The Ixon Zephyr HP will perfectly meet your expectations!

Don’t be fooled its false hulls on the shoulders, or his reasons to the tight lines: it is a true 3 in 1 jacket, designed to manage the vagaries of the weather, like a good jacket GT.

Side insulation, there are indeed sports jackets for men with his effective winter lining and its anti-cold rabat under the zip to limit any losses. Against the rain, this textile jacket ixon has an essential waterproof insert. And in summer, when you remove these two plays, his complete ventilation system will bring you a good dose of freshness. Jacket Ixon Zephyr HP integrates of large zips with a mesh textile for optimum air circulation, dubbed an ‘ extraction’ area at the back, on the shoulders. Legs with pressure inside these zips will prevent an excessive opening.

Ixon Zephyr HP: A jacket to ride all year round

Let’s not forget to mention the many legs of setting it advances to ensure a perfect fit: no less than three legs on the arm, long straps at the waist. Handy when you remove the liners to avoid you swam inside. And then he is encased in reflective for night.

Excellent for the Ixon Zephyr HP (as high protection), it turns class as SPIKE, which means that its protection is certified by an approved laboratory. In this chapter, it should be noted that the shells are much flexible, more to use.

Sure, complete and racy jacket Ixon Zephyr HP if all fit to you before will serve year-round. Not bad at this price!

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