Sonopia: Create Your Own MVNO in 15 Minutes

United States has more than 34 MVNOs and gave birth to the grandmother. The latest creation by Juha Christensen, co-founder of Symbian and former Director of Microsoft, It expects to have more than 10,000 virtual operators active in the country in 2 years

Sonopia is an “enabler” of virtual mobile networks (MVNE) and looks for any person or organization can create their own Virtual operator in 15 minutes !!

The idea is really re-democratizar the career of the mobile space by enabling anyone with an idea for an audience create their own virtual operator.
Those who launched the OMV earn 5% of the benefit of the service, the percentage varies depending on the number of subscribers to your network. Time is based on the Verizon Wireless network for both CDMA technology.

Each OMV has a selection of mobile, competitive calling plans, premium services for voice and data and content adapted including social network features. Sonopia is responsible for the billing, credit, shipment and customer support.