Solar Light with Motion Detector

Update 9 March 2015: Another year has passed now and the post is always stale. Fortunately, there is now a really cool alternative: the new motion sensor solar lights comparison test – even with a video!

Solar Light with Motion Detector

4. Januar 2014 update: this post is around 2 years old in its original form, since a lot has happened. A model is now no longer available and there are new. The changes, which now also apply to the year 2014, are marked in bold.

In the past few days LED lights solar-based revolves around here in the blog, we had already solar lights and solar lights for the garden. In this sense but isn’t today about another kind of solar lamp, either, but to solar light with motion detector. This distinction must be roughly into two categories: first, there are wall lights with motion sensors, on the other hand outdoor lighting in Rod form, which are inserted into the ground.

Solar Wall Light with Motion Detector

First of all to the former. These solar lights are attached to the wall and have a fixed function. You should illuminate entrances, Garden gates or gateways. Still, these wall lights can be used for garden or other places without a fixed power supply.

Such a lamp is Esotec solar wall spotlights with movement detector. It’s is a two-piece set consisting of light and motion, as well as the solar cell element that is connected with a cable to the lamp.
We look at more closely this solar light with motion detector. First of all to the light source. A single 1-watt LED in white sitting in this spot. Due to my experience with LEDs in the field of event technology I know that I usually always prefer individual high-performance LEDs several under performing. A single, strong 1-watt LED is so definitely a plus point for this motion. The LED has a service life of 50,000 hours, which probably should play no role in reality according to manufacturer’s instructions. Certainly, other components, such as, for example, the battery will fail much earlier.

The construction and the methods of fixingI especially like at this Wall lamp. The solar panel is separate from the lamp and can easily attach relocate therefore thanks to the 5-metre cable. This makes perfect sense in my opinion, because the places at which one wishes lighting at night are often just that, where during the day not too much sun is shining. So, an entrance hall during the day, for example, in the shadow of the House itself might be. Through the long cable between the wall light and solar panel this easily but in a Sun-richer place install. Spotlights and solar module can be fitted on a pole next to the wall. All mounting accessories is enclosed.

Conclusion: For about 30-€40, there a neat bright LED wall – mounted luminaire with motion detector solar-based, representing a real alternative to conventional halogen motion detectors. Was considered in the design, and thus the solar lamp can be very flexible. Anyone looking for a Wall Sconce to illuminate driveways or entrances, which I highly recommend this spot. This solar lamp, by the way is there to buy at Amazon.

Solar Stick Light With Motion Detector

As previously announced the wall luminaires, there also still bar lights, the one ideal way is in the garden along a path into the ground. This can be at night not only shed light on the way, but in addition there is still a beautiful decorative element for the garden, which looks good during the day.

Update January 2014: The actual set is no longer available. However, no reason to worry. Here is a wonderful alternative, she are to order it also at Amazon (even with Prime). Here is a picture of the flashlights:

What of these solar lights I especially like is that they are built on two levels. If the dusk sensor detects that it is dark, a small LED orientation light is switched on. This lights up permanently. If a person in the area of the motion detector occurs the actual lighting for around is turned on one minute.

This is a 1-watt LED-bulbs, as also in the wall light which I introduced earlier. The lights are made of stainless steel, which not only looks good, but also ensures a certain robustness.

A total two lights get significantly better than just a a pretty slick set of 2 – straight along a path.

Update January 2014: Especially in the area of wall lights, has on a background of high power LED-spotlight a lot done. Here we will publish so probably a few new tests soon.

Update 9 March 2015: Another year has passed now and the post is always stale. Fortunately, there is now a really cool alternative: the new motion sensor solar lights comparison test – even with a video!