So You Use Your Smartphone As WLAN Hotspot

On vacation, at work, in the cafe, in the park: There are many places where we can not simply sit down with the laptop and surf a little. Not because the notebook does not work, but because the offer of different WLAN hotspots is still not very wide. This is annoying, of course, for those of you who would like to do one or the other task in the fresh air. The only network that is available to you is in such cases mostly the mobile data network. And because most smartphones are not really suitable for real office tasks, only the notebook remains. The solution to the problem is simple: Use your smartphone as a WLAN hotspot and surf the net.

And So It Goes

1. Activate The Data Usage

Ensures that the mobile data is activated on your Android smartphone, if it is not running anyway, which by the way sucks on the battery. To do this, you only need to enter the “Wireless and networks” area in your settings and then tap “Mobile Networks”. Here you now activate the item “Data activated”. For the devices of Samsung, the entry in the settings is “data usage”, whereupon the point “Mobile data connection” is selected.

2. The Mobile WLAN Hotspot

To use the smartphone as a hotspot, it must be ensured that the connection to the data network is fast. Everything under 3G or HSDPA will probably only give you gray hair. Now you need to do nothing more than set up and start the mobile hotspot. In the settings of your smartphone, tap “more” and go to the “tethering & mobile hotspot” section. Here you can set up your own WLAN hotspot, under the same point. Also this aspect looks somewhat different for Samsung smartphones, because you find the area for the hotspot under “network connections”. Once you type “Mobile Hotspot”, you have the option to configure it at the top right. This is exactly what you are doing now.

3. Assign The SSID And Password

Just as with your home router, you can now give your small private network its own name, generate the SSID and even a password so that no one else uses your data to surf. Backs up the network with a WPA2 / PSK key to make sure you are safe. Save your entries and the network is set up. This hotspot appears in the settings as a new entry, which you now activate. From now on, you can use your smartphone with any device as WLAN hotspot like a LAN.

4. Connect The PC To The Network

Also this step is like at home with your router. If the WLAN adapter is activated in the notebook, you can display all available networks via the small receive icon on the desktop. The hotspot of your smartphone should also be shown here. Connect to the network, enter the password you have chosen and the Internet connection is ready.


As easy as it is to surf the PC with your PC via the smartphone: Always keep your data volume in mind so you do not have to surf the snail after half an hour, for the rest of the billing month.