Smartwatch Instead of Smartphone

This project smartwatch “convertible” aims to raise $ 140,000 and this is all that gives us

The world of the smartwatch is exciting. In a market still do not know for sure where the industry is headed, projects as unique as we bring you today we do believe that there is something beyond what they have shown us so far. The name may not be too commercial, klatz, but the idea that we proposed on paper is brilliant. Of course, it needs to check their execution.

The. klatz is the first smartwatch “convertible” market, because it is not just a smart watch, but can become a perfect smartphone in seconds. The original form of the device when it takes the form of smartwatch is that of a futuristic bracelet which can receive notifications, calls and messages . Of course, these will move vertically, which leaves open the debate over whether not be too uncomfortable.

By opening the bracelet, the .klatz becomes a smartphone so we can keep bringing it calls to our ear as if it were a telephone. Yes, you may call it something daring smartphone result considering his “peculiar” aspect to bring it to our ear, but allows us to have a phone conversation as if it were one.

If we look at page Indiegogo to raise funds for the project, we find more interesting facts about this smartwatch. For example, it has a battery of 600 mAh with a range of up to 10 days without interruption, surpassing even the Pebble currently offers 7 days. This is because the wholesale watch phones use an LED display, with virtually no consumption, lower even than monochrome screen.

The .klatz give us a battery of 10-day and futuristic design from just $ 99

Project leaders hope to have completed the .klatz to April 2015, although at the moment and you can book the device from wholesale price at only $ 99. Furthermore, the device willalso be available in different colors, of which only know so far the black and red.

The company expects to raise $ 140,000 in 27 days to launch the project, right now achieved already carry 11,405 dollars. If you are interested in the project, you can help fund it .klatz making your booking from only $ 99. We have already made our own.

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